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The adults they count on to provide reliable information about the world introduce them to Santa. Then his existence is affirmed by friends, books, TV and movies. It is also validated by hard evidence: the half-eaten cookies and empty milk glasses by the tree on Christmas morning. In other words, children do a great job of scientifically evaluating Santa. And adults do a great job of duping them. —Jacqueline Wooley

I bet many of you love Christmas. Now a lot of people think that Christmas is a Christian tradition, I cannot argue against that as Christmas is a celebration observed by the Churches. However, the distinction must be drawn for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the birth of Santa Clause.

Now, some of you may ask what the difference is?, some may assert that both the characters are a myth. I totally understand that, however I am calling the bluff on the icon of consumerism. The other one, well I am certain he has no time for mindless consumerism crap when there are innocents being killed not too far away from Bethlehem.

Just as I cannot argue against the fact that Christmas is a Christian tradition, I also cannot argue against the fact that Christmas is a Germanic Pagan tradition. Prior to Christianization, the Germanic People celebrated a midwinter event called Yule. Christianity came about and absorbed a lot of the pagan traditions into the modern Christmas celebration.

Do take note that Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. They then abstain from eating meat and dairy and some fast like the Muslims for the next 40 days. This period is called Advent, also traditionally observed by many western churches.

I have got nothing against Pagans, I would just like to point out how capitalism uses religion, traditions, and what not to fuel consumerism. Santa Clause is that icon of consumerism. Though some base Santa Clause on the Christian Saint Nicholas, yet many Christians object to the contemporary gift giving culture which Santa is an icon of.

Our jolly old Saint Nicholas reflects our culture to a T, for he is fanciful, exuberant, bountiful, over-weight, and highly commercial. He also mirrors some of our highest ideals: childhood purity and innocence, selfless giving, unfaltering love, justice, and mercy. (What child has ever received a coal for Christmas?) The problem is that, in the process, he has become burdened with some of society’s greatest challenges: materialism, corporate greed, and domination by the media. Here, Santa carries more in his baggage than toys alone! – Carol Jean-Swanson


Some object the idea of Santa Clause for perceiving it as solely a Coca-cola marketing ploy. Yes Coca-cola did use the fat man in the red suit to sell cola, but the whole red suit idea came from the father of American cartoons Thomas Nash and Clement Clarke Moore a professor of Oriental and Greek literature, the guy who wrote the poem “A visit from Saint Nicholas” also popularly known as “It was the night before Christmas”.

I am sorry if I spoiled Christmas for you, but perhaps Christmas is not about all of that at all. Perhaps Christmas is just an excuse to bring the family home, to show affection and care to ones we love, just a date to share joy and happiness by giving. For some it maybe a whole religious experience, to commemorate the birth of a great man.

Yet the truth must prevail, and therefore I believe we should be honest to children and not mislead them. Christmas in the 21st century is a celebration of consumerism. The perfect example of how far capitalism manipulates the masses to create a market, to push the profit margins up. Even the Son of God is not spared from their greed to make more profits.

With all that said, like the Grinch that stole Christmas, I wish all of you Feliz Navidad, Happy Yuletide, and have a blessed Advent. Pray for the innocents that died not far from Bethlehem not too long ago, and remember the second commandment “’Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

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  1. I once read a jewish joke abt how a rich Jew factory made many toys which christians would clear off the shelves and place them underneath the xmas tree. The rich Jew family would fly off to warm sunny Bahamas for their long holidays. The gregorian calendar started in 1572 or 1582, apparently by the vatican. Later the rest of the world followed suit for the sake of consistency. These stories made me wonder, is Dec 25th really Jesus' birthday? Do you actually believe santa claus exist? I think all these 'holidays' were created for economic reasons, to sell, sell, sell. Even valentine's day is another top seller for roses, gifts, etc. How else to get billions of people to open up their wallets? It's damn good business.

  2. Like yea teabag, whats the

    problem? It seems like you have something personal against the writer, did he turn down your invitation to teabag his face or something? :-P_. Its a refreshing piece, so the title is misleading, why harp on the title? There is plenty of critical statements there, why overlook the point the writer is making? Thanks Saint Peter, didnt see that the piece was paradoxical, now the title makes plenty of sense.

  3. Don't you think the author would have named it "Jesus was an asshole" or "Jesus was an asshole gay who loves teabagging" IF it was an attempt to garner more readers ?. This article is politically loaded, and you teabagthis2 seem to be discussing exactly what the author has intended. The article, if read critically is not even about Santa Claus, it's about the evil of consumerism, and on top of that i think the author is trying to play safe by criticizing Santa Claus at the same time hinting that Jesus is just as real as Santa Claus and how lies and perversion of history is used to manipulate masses via religion or faith in a mystical character. The article is exactly what it is criticizing, MISLEADING in the name of religion, or faith. Coca cola fucking sold colas with Santa Claus, and the author fucking sold his article with Jesus! As i see it, the whole article is a crafted paradox.

  4. Good one. Like your lighthearted musings.


    Like Lma has pointed out, the title is factually correct. But what does it matter? Read beyond and enjoy.

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song – Maya Angelou

  5. Q : Have you heard about the dyslexic devil worshipper?
    A : He sold his soul to Santa.

    *Ahem* Sorry – it is an oldie :)

  6. Jesus was a Palestinian? Ha Ha. Silly little dhimmi boy.

    Your mama should have paid more attention to you.

    Loyar burok is a little more burok now thanks to your pathetic drivel.

    1. He is correct. He is talking in the context of Jesus's birthplace then until his ascension to Heaven. Bethelham was a town in the old Palestine before the Zionist conquered it and rename it Israel. But now since Bethleham is in Israel…you can also say Jesus is now an Isralite.

      But who cares. You are talking about the same Jesus Christ..what; whom christians celebrate its birthday in the form of Christmas celebration.

      1. In my opinion, Bethlehem was not part of Palestine at the time Jesus was born. AT THAT TIME, there is no such race as Palestinian as Palestinians are generally Arabs or Jews nor was the use of Palestine as a geographical reference was coined in that said period.

        Bethlehem was under the rule of King Herod . Herod had reign over Judea which includes Bethlehem.

        Jesus has no race because technically to the Christians, he is the son of God. But he was known as a Jew because of his father, Joseph. When he was crucified on the cross, a cloth was fastened on the top of the cross describing Jesus a the King of the Jew to mock him of course.

        To say Jesus was a Palestinian is grossly misleading and this article contains nothing about Jesus being a Palestinian. If the writer titled his article with an outrageous title to gain more readers, he succeeded. But at the end of the day, he is an idiot and an attention whore for doing so.

        1. Jesus was Jew. Palestinian is not a race. The Romans wouldn't mock him as the King Jews if he wasn't Jew. I think the title refers to the movie "Jesus is a Palestinian" a parody on religious fanaticism and millennialism.

          1. Haha. BURN @teabagthis2. Next time maybe don't be so quick to call people idiots and attention whores. That old thing about one finger pointing outward and three more pointing back in and so forth. Honey Melons, good on you.

          2. Huh 1Kenui? I seriously do not understand where you are coming from.

            You wouldn't have known "Jesus is a Palestinian" is a movie if Honey Melon wouldn't have so kindly shed light on this. And for your information, Jesus is a Palestinian (movie) is not even about Santa Claus or remotely connected to this article. The movie, from my reference to Wiki, is a parody about self mutilation, incest, and euthanasia. You or me didn't even get that from the writer or this article.

            It's like for example I write an article titled "1Kenui is a dipstick but he is not: he is just a retard". Instead, the content of the said article is about Santa Claus. How would that not upset readers who truly want to know why 1Kenui is a diptick or, if further reading ensues, is actually a retard.

            I call a spade a spade. In this case, it is an idiotic and misleading attempt to garner more readers. Did I enjoy myself reading this article? No because I wanted to know why is Jesus, a Palestinian. I didnt get that from reading this article.

            Thanks Honey Melon, although unnecessary, you've just repeated what I've said (Jesus is a Jew depending on opinions, Palestinians are either Arabs or Jews and the term Palestine is a geographical reference).

          3. Don't you think the author would have named it "Jesus was an asshole" or "Jesus was an asshole gay who loves teabagging" IF it was an attempt to garner more readers ?. This article is politically loaded, and you teabagthis2 seem to be discussing exactly what the author has intended. The article, if read critically is not even about Santa Claus, it's about the evil of consumerism, and on top of that i think the author is trying to play safe by criticizing Santa Claus at the same time hinting that Jesus is just as real as Santa Claus and how lies and perversion of history is used to manipulate masses via religion or faith in a mystical character.

        2. Your the idiot and attention whore in this case. It's their blog, and they do not owe a responsibility to you in any way to ensure that the title would not mislead you. It is not their problem that your so obsessed about Jesus, neither is it their problem if you cannot see how the title relates to the post. If you had actually read the post, you will notice the connection the writer is making. I think it is pretty clear that the title is speaking of Jesus and then sells the whole idea of how Santa is a consumerist icon, exactly the point the article is trying to make. Don't be such douchbag, it's bad enough that you like tea bagging and proud of it.

  7. Jesus was a Jew only by religion. He spoke Aramaic. The Syrians of today are descended from the Aramaic speakers of old. In the Bible it's stated that Jesus spoke in Hebrew and sometimes in Aramaic, his mother tongue. The Palestinians came from Phoenicia (now known as Lebanon) and settled down in the Gaza Strip. That's why Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip which they consider as Palestine. The Palestinians call themselves Philistinians. Arafat used to say Filistin and not Palestinian. In the Bible, we have the story of David (Jew) and Goliath (a Philistinian). Palestine had never been a nation until Arafat created the concept of Palestinian nationalism. All nationalisms are defined by what they oppose. In the case of Palestinian nationalism, they oppose Jewish purchase or takeover of Palestinian land. However, even the Ottoman Empire never recognised the land claims of the Palestinians. The Palestinians have always lived as people among other nations. In the case of Israel/Palestine, the Jews and Christians are against the idea of any Muslim control of their Holy Lands. Most of the Palestinians are Muslims with a minority of them being Christians. If the Palestinians want a nation with territory, they have Jordan where the original people are the Bedouins but they are less in number. Jordan and Palestine used to be one until divided by the British.

  8. i thnk most europeans and north americans are under no illusion about christmas being a christian is more of a national holiday that is supposedly about family and friends…so much so that even first generation migrants who may not have a tradition of such celebrations use this as a time for gatherings since there is no holiday during passover, eid, lunar new year, diwali, etc to enable any large scale gatherings of any sort…not fair of course but one does not change dominant traditions easily overnight. It is also about the only holiday most people get…of course, businesses will cash in on anything that increases the profit motive and it has become a stressful season of buying gifts according to someone's wishlist for some…

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