Prudential Project Listen: Voice of the Voiceless

This video, Voice of the Voiceless, is one of many by Project Listen – PRUkasih’s community service project. It is born out of the very simple yet powerful act of listening, purposed to provide financial protection to urban poor families should the unexpected happen to their breadwinners. Every share of a Project Listen video or written story through Facebook or email will be matched with a RM1 contribution to PRUkasih.


I told this story not with the intention to inspire, but merely to narrate a story for a good cause. This is one, of my journey in Afghanistan where I spent three and a half years trying to effect some positive change to the human rights of Afghans. With no regrets, it was the best and darkest times of my professional and personal life.

Whether you are inspired or not, I urge you to share the video, more so that today is World Human Rights Day. This year’s theme is MyVoiceCounts and it pays tribute to those who have demanded the right to voice their opinion without shame, threat or fear. Much as I told this story without shame, threat or fear, I hope that others, particularly the young man in my story and all others like him, are able to do the same. In the same spirit of Project Listen, I also urge the powers-that-be to listen… to all voices.

This story is dedicated to all the good souls who listened to my laments, my endless chatter and my seeming passion for human rights – and also to One Good Soul who prepped me for this video shoot. They are my project listen, without whom I would not have had the strength or courage to do my minute part for human rights.

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