LoyarBurokkin The World

LoyarBurokkers are intent on World Domination. Here’s a sample of His Supreme Eminenceness’s travels around the Globe through his faithful minions! See the full album at our Facebook page.

LoyarBurokkin in Afghanistan

Prambanan Temple, Borobudur, Jogjakarta

Tiananmen, China

Gaythri Raman tucking in at Janda Baik

Edmund Bon loyarburokkin the Silk Route

LoyarBurokkers Shanmuga K, Tamir Moustafa & Andrew Harding in Hawaii


Audrey Lim snowing around at Reading, England

Long Seh Lih luvin it at Machu Pichu, Peru!

Whatcha waiting for!? Send us your picture of you LoyarBurokking the World (could even be somewhere in Malaysia) to [email protected]!

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The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because it's fun.

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