After a Twitter hiatus of sorts, Zain HD returned with some typically Zain-y reflections. They are reproduced here, for your self-reflectionating pleasure. Be warned, self-reflection is a dangerous sport — this is no chicken soup for the soul.

Just had a read through my Twitter timeline after months of not doing so. Some observations; which I’m sure some/most applies to me too.

  1. It seems the more some people fight for love, but perhaps because they’re fighting, they breed more hate.
  2. As we focus on expressing our feelings, we get distracted as there’s little thought.
  3. Because the majority is wrong, the minority does not have to be right.
  4. If charity is reserved for the poor, then either charity is unfair, or we’ve misunderstood what charity is.
  5. Some of us are confused between expressing ourselves, and thinking aloud. Expression is not always thought. Almost never.
  6. Everyone is responsible for the influence (Followers) that they have. A donkey can always teach a man (wrong) things.
  7. Our instincts tell us to express our hate. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the concept of trusting our instincts.
  8. Our society makes us hide our love. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the concept; who comes first — society, or love?
  9. If there are more exclamation marks in your tweets, than there are in your hearts, then perhaps you’re not being yourself.
  10. The more concerned we are about what’s happening there (them), the less we are about what’s happening in here (self).
  11. If some of us valued respect, more than we value friendliness, we might actually get somewhere.
  12. If our understanding of privacy is a password, it’s because we’ve no thoughts left to keep.
  13. Being independent, is understood only in material terms. If so, the mind is clearly dependent, still.
  14. If success of eating is measured only by hunger, nothing more, then we’ve forgotten the bigger picture.
  15. If you patronize stupid people’s achievements by saying you could easily do what they do, then you’re stupid too.
  16. If we don’t know how to be comfortable with ourselves, we’ll never be with others.

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