[Updated] Lord Bobo Rants: Onwards World Domination!

[28 September 2012 Update: An email was sent by LBSB to the journalist Farrah Naz Karim and the editor of NST on 23 September 2012 stating that LBSB was not asked for its views or comments prior to the publication of the article in NST and that LBSB’s reply below should be published in full. NST is to inform LBSB once the reply is published. To date, the reply has not been published.]

You know you have been waiting for this. Nothing’s gonna stop us now!

His Supreme Eminenceness (HSE) Lord Bobo is bemused at the allegation on the front page of New Straits Times (NST) on 21 September 2012 that Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd (LBSB) is among several organisations attempting to ‘destabilise the government’. Due to the extraordinary suggestions and insinuations made by the once premier newspaper in Malaysia, it behoves HSE to make certain things clear to the world at large.

Due to the mainstream media failing to create and enlarge civil space and opportunities for important and necessary discourse – for reasons HSE is still trying to fathom – HSE telepathically mind-controlled six minions on Earth to form a trading company on 13 February 2006 that established and owns the now awesome online blawg, LoyarBurok.com. (Yes, you are reading it.)

It has now evolved into a first-of-its-kind, D-I-Y community blawg where everyone is encouraged to express themselves on issues that matter. LBSB did not and does not receive any global funds from any donor for the establishment, administration and management of the blawg.

The blawg relies entirely on the goodwill and energy of volunteer LoyarBurokkers for its life. We have more than 400 LoyarBurokkers who have grudgingly, willingly and lovingly shared and continue to share their views on the blawg ranging from issues such as politics, sex and human rights to movie, book, fashion and food reviews.

Secondly, LBSB trades to support itself by selling books via #LoyarBaca and merchandise such as t-shirts, bookmarks, stickers, wristbands, badges and notebooks via #LoyarButik. LBSB also relies on donations from well-wishers and advertising revenue from the blawg. LBSB did not and does not receive any global funds from any donor for this initiative.

In reality, the six minions are out-of-pocket in the thousands to follow their devotion to obeying HSE’s command and spending their own money for LBSB’s efforts.

Thirdly, LBSB has been instructed to direct its present efforts towards educating and empowering the rakyat to help them not just to survive but to thrive in our upcoming high-income nation status in 2020.

In response to this, LBSB through its training arm #LoyarBengkel regularly runs paid and unpaid training programmes for various communities and corporations. Further, LBSB through its corporate social responsibility arm, the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) a.k.a PusatRakyatLB engages in community education and empowerment work through various initiatives such as hosting debates, forums and talks, learning about and engaging with our Members of Parliament, conducting trainings, workshops and gameshops, providing assistance in public interest cases and opening a resource centre for public use.

To cover the expenses for some of these initiatives, LBSB receives funds from multiple individuals and organisations both locally and globally, and additionally through fund-raising. (Incidentally, LBSB had on 2 November 2011 applied to Dana Belia 1Malaysia for funds to support a community photo competition, but we have yet to hear from Dana Belia 1Malaysia – we would be much obliged for a response.)

There is no law prohibiting receiving global funds. No one but the directors and staff of LBSB dictate the work of LBSB and its various initiatives. There is no programme or intention whatsoever to unseat or install any political party from or to power. Any such suggestion or insinuation is ludicrous.

HSE Lord Bobo has no interest in such pettiness as HSE aims far higher. To put it simply: World Domination. Of freeing your mind and spirit. Liberavi Animam Meam. Of rights, and awareness of it. Of forging the very tools and knowledge needed to achieve some measure of justice in society. It is regrettable that those with small minds simply cannot comprehend this.

LBSB is ready and willing to work with any and everyone who support HSE’s cause, particularly that of ensuring justice. It has no doubt gone unnoticed that LBSB has through one of its current major initiatives worked with all sides of the political divide. We continue to invite anyone and everyone to visit us to learn more about our work, and how you can be part of the cause for a better Malaysia.

Engagement in education and empowerment work is part and parcel of any vibrant and flourishing democracy pursuant to the rakyat’s constitutional rights to life, speech, assembly and association magnificently guaranteed under Articles 5 and 10 of the Malaysian Federal Constitution. You know that one – the Supreme Law of the Land.

LBSB stands in solidarity with all other organisations who have been named in the said NST article. HSE genuinely believes that NST’s slant is erroneous, misleading and an attempt at silencing critique and voices of civil society.

And with that, HSE would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you out there that if you would like to write about how pissed off (or happy) you are regarding the state of affairs of Malaysian journalism, be a LoyarBurokker by registering your account with these steps here. You will get a unique username and password to post your thoughts. If you are not inclined to write, sure, no worries. Then donate money to our work by clicking on the ‘Make A Donation’ button on the top right-hand corner of the blawg.

Liberavi Animam Meam!

Kami yang menurut perintah.

Signed by the Directors of LBSB mind-controlled for and on behalf of His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo

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