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I can bet you this: no one in the world would believe you if you tell them that one can learn a language in 3 weeks.

How high the economic value of the language must be!

I would not like to argue further, but only to invite you to test it yourself if you are in doubt.

This picture was supplied by the Gui Zhou Esperanto Commerce Group in China.

After the success of the first Island University Esperanto course in 2012, the Hainan University in China is again taking up the task to organise the famous 3-week BEK Esperanto course. The course, which will be held in January 2013, is similar to the first one held at the same venue.

The Chinese government first recognised Esperanto as a foreign language in the 60s and continues to promote Esperanto, even though her bid back in the 20s in the League of Nations was not successful. This was due to the intervention from France and Britain, despite strong support from China, India, Russia, Japan etc.

In particular, China is venturing into the Esperanto business. The IKEF President, Mr WANG Tian-Yi, is promoting the business in the Asia region.

This BEK course is especially good for post-examination SPM, STPM and Senior Three pupils. One can easily transform from nothing to a proficient Esperanto user. A new international language will be in your hands.

Working adults and other individuals are welcome to do the course; it is a refreshing change in your life. A friendly note: if you are responsible for arranging lunar new year celebrations in your family, it would not be the best idea as the duration of the course falls on new year’s day.

China will be the closest venue from our country as most intensive Esperanto courses are held in European countries, including the famous Esperanto town, Herzberg am Harz in Germany.

There are some arrangements between Vietnam and Malaysia. It would however not be as reputable as the BEK course, which has transformed many non-Esperanto users into proficient users in 120 hours.

If you cannot read the Insulo Universitato page, which is in Esperanto, please use the Google translator to find out about course fees and other details.

Take a look at the course conducted last winter.


After watching the 8 minutes short film of the late Dr Claude Piron on the chanllenge of language, Sinjoro ENG has himself revolutionised. Watch it and see whether the short film will touch you too.

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  1. Attention:

    The course coordinator Dennis said that the course is one month as they have restructured it.

    La BEK-Kurso, eble estas menciinde, dauras tutan monaton, do 31 tagojn kaj ne la 21 tagojn de la tri-semajna kurso.

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