A dear colleague of fellow Loyarburokker Colin Shafer – from Taylor’s College – committed suicide this week in Subang Jaya.

SJ Echo and NTV7 both published extremely cold, hurtful, graphic, heartless photos and videos for the public to see with zero acknowledgement of the fact that Mr. Michel De Lottinville was a great teacher, father and person as a whole.

He did a lot for Malaysia and it saddens me to observe how his personage was portrayed by the media.

To SJ Echo and NTV7, this is what Colin has to say:

Dear SJ Echo and NTV7 and any other media outlet that chooses to disrespect the life of Mr. Michel De Lottinville.

Your newspapers/channels should be ashamed.

You knew his name, you knew where he worked…. in fact, you published it.

The dead human being is a teacher, a father, a friend.

And all you chose to publish is the picture of the body and a video of the body hanging there? This is objectifying a human being. Someone loved. Where is the humanity? Where is the respect?

Mr. Michel De Lottinville was a classroom hero. An inspirational voice. A guy who lifted a lot of other people up from their own difficult struggles.

Those who know him will remember him for who he really was, and not for these final hours of his life that you like to promote. He is not an object.

[What] heartless ‘journalism’. Get to work….. if you are going to cover a story, cover it properly.


The thread on the SJ Echo facebook page argues that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and that they were taking pictures even though people were telling them not to.

In a video by NTV7, one may see and hear people smiling, with absolutely no visuals of Mr. Michel De Lottinville as a living man.

Let’s call on SJ ECHO and NTV7 to right this wrong by writing a proper story about Mr. Michel De Lottinville: one that tells the truth about his life, his accomplishments and about everyone (both young and old) who will always remember him fondly.

Let’s flood them with emails and phone calls, and let them know that Mr.Michel De Lottinville will not be disrespected in such a manner.

Don’t stop until this is made right.

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  1. but no doubt , he is the most positive and energitic lecturer i met, although there something inside clashing by, but his spirit still over with us, lord. please take care of mr michel

  2. why are you so XXXX , you think you very good ? to do all those things just to think that "wah" i have did something for someone after he die ? so that you can feel better? wah i have contributed ?

    dont really know who is the most IGNORANCE which even itself not discover it !!!! yes ! i mention to anti- oxo !!!

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