The International Malaysia Law Conference on the second and third day brings you diverse sessions from esteemed speakers on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.



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3 replies on “Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution at the IMLC 2012”

  1. Dear Narisamy. Thank you for opening my eyes. I paid a huge sum of money to attend so-called Arbitration (and Mediation) Courses conducted by two…also so-called Organisations…and for these two/three years NOT EVEN one arbitration matter came to me. I heard a hundred others paid RM5,000-20,000 each to get training but they can admit they have LOST their balls! Or lost their minds! And lost their cash. They will never get even one arbitration case. As you have said, the small group HAWK all the arbitration FEES to themselves and they are very rich. On top they convinced the Government that they must be royally decorated with titles! And all others just open our eyes and cry. Sad state of affairs for arbitrators in Malaysia. And all cases go to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and HK. The regional grouping has pirated cases from Malaysia to Australia…..Cry Argentina? No, Cry Malaysia!!! Cry!!!

  2. The ways of a group of so-called top-rated international arbitrators do harm Malaysia. They corner ALL arbitration cases and make certain others are prevented from getting arbitration matters. They do not train other Malaysians. Instead they get the cases for themselves and their hirelings and then hawk the millions of RM/US$/Euros/British Pounds. They hide from the Income Tax authorities in our country and the other countries. I was told they form a small Band (Band as in Band of Thieves). Lawyers? What ethics? What integrity amongst arbitrators. Shame and a cheat on our Government.

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