A long-term campaign on human trafficking by LexisNexis Malaysia – the first event kicks off this 8th of September.

We often imagine human trafficking to be an issue far away from us. At the very mention of it, we picture in our heads brothel raids and chaotic scenes with policemen and scantily clad women. Yes, sex sells. But have we dug deeper to find out why and how people are trafficked?

It is the taking of your fellow humankind to sell for money. People are objectified, used, and abused in all areas imaginable – be it for sex, manual labour, sale of body parts, forced soldiers of war, and the list goes on. It is slavery in the 21st century. How regressive is that?

LexisNexis Malaysia aims to build informed individuals on this issue, to start a volunteer bank and to raise funds for our partners who actively and tirelessly work to combat human trafficking. The first event will screen a documentary – Not My Life – and feature a diverse and experienced panel of speakers. Details are as follows:


4.00 – 4.20pm: Registration

4.20 – 4.30pm: Welcome remarks by LexisNexis CEO

4.30 – 4.40pm: Speech by CAMSA

4.40 – 6.00pm: Not My Life screening

6.00 – 7.00pm: Panel discussion

7.00 – 7.10pm: Call to action

7.10 – 8.30pm: Light meal

8.30pm: End



Moderated by Daniel Lo, Country Manager of Coalition to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA), the topics and speakers include:

– Labour Trafficking: Anni Santiago, National Project Coordinator, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

– Sex Trafficking: Theresa Symons, Executive Director, Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd

– An Analysis of the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report 2012 – Representative from the US State Department (to be confirmed)



The documentary which will be shown explores what goes on in human trafficking, and unfolds a collection of stories from voices around the world – even ones close to home. Exploitation of persons is real, indeed. Many of these victims are innocent children. Snatched away and sold, millions of these young souls are deprived of their freedom and childhood. Do they deserve this?

You can protect them. Educate yourselves today and take this as a first step to combat human trafficking.


Our partners:

Coalition to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA)

Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd

Project Liber8


Justine is currently a student ambassador at LexisNexis Malaysia. She strongly believes that this is a cause Lord Bobo is concerned about, and has received telepathic confirmation that His Supreme Eminenceness in fact is. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!

To purchase tickets and for further questions, feel free to tweet or Facebook LexisNexisMY.


*There will be a live-stream of the panel for those unable to attend the event. The access link will be given out soon.

Justine is a student intent on breaking convention. She finds humans to be fascinating creatures and believes in the uniqueness of the individual. She'd really love to blawg about her observations, but...

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