We are Malay-Muslims, we are entitled

Syahredzan Johan asks during this holy month, are Malay-Muslims entitled to better rights than others?

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So you are fasting. The sun is bearing down on you, your stomach is growling and your throat is parched. It is only 12.30 in the afternoon; you still have hours to go before you may break your fast. All of a sudden, a non-Muslim person appears before you, enjoying an icy cold can of your favourite cola. He looks like he is savouring the cola. You could imagine the sensation of that very same cola filling your throat with diabetes-inducing caffeine goodness. So you flare up. How dare this person drink in front of you? Does he have no respect for the holy month of Ramadhan, to be wantonly quenching his thirst in full view of Muslims? Does he not know that Muslims form the majority of this country and therefore must be respected?

This is the basic premise prevalent amongst many Malay-Muslims in this country. Muslims form the majority and therefore they are entitled to be respected. Malay-Muslim sensitivities must not be offended; the Malay-Muslim public must be protected from harm, confusion and many other bad and insidious things that may threaten the ummah. In recent times, these deep rooted sentiments are brought to the fore by opportunistic politicians. Thus it appeared as if Malay-Muslims have become more and more intolerant of minorities.

Malay-Muslims are entitled not to have a Hindu temple in the vicinity of their housing estate. Malay-Muslims are entitled to dictate what names others may use to invoke the Creator. Malay-Muslims are entitled to stop the sale of alcohol beverages and deny the establishment of a cinema in Malay majority areas.

Every Friday, Malay-Muslims are entitled to abandon their civic consciousness and park all over the place as if the streets belong to them. Malays-Muslims are entitled to blare religious ceramahs to every corner of the neighbourhood and into the wee hours of the night.

The prime minister must be Malay-Muslim, the civil service must be filled with Malay-Muslims and government bodies are seen as Malay institutions, tasked first and foremost to safeguard Malay and Muslim interests.

This premise of entitlement has also been used to justify the persecution and discrimination against sexual and religious minorities, purportedly because Article 3 provides that Islam is the religion of the Federation. So we say that LBGTs do not enjoy protection of the Constitution because their sexual orientations are against Islam, although we conveniently forget that other things, like gambling, are also forbidden in Islam but are still legal in this country. Books are seized and banned and fatwas are made absolute. In a recent decision, the Federal Court went so far to say that the integrity of the religion needs to be safeguarded at all costs. Does ‘at all costs’ include the supremacy of the Federal Constitution as the highest law of the land?

Make no mistake, this is not about Islam. It is about how we justify the discrimination, persecution and blatant disregard for fundamental liberties, all in the name of religion. It is how we view and treat others as inferior to us because we believe that we are entitled to do so. We permit transgressions because we labour under this presumption that Malay-Muslims, by virtue of being Malays and Muslims, are entitled to the best of the country as they occupy a higher standing than the rest of the rakyat out there.

There is no legal or constitutional basis for this. Article 3 does not make Malaysia an Islamic state and Article 4 expressly provides that the Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Article 8 provides that every citizen is equal before the law and enjoys equal protection of the law. The oft quoted Article 153 does not make Malay-Muslims superior in law or fact, it only provides for the reservation of quotas for Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak in certain matters.

So what if Muslims are the majority? We have such a flawed understanding of democracy; as if in a democracy, the rights of minorities are inferior to the rights of the majority. That is why we have a Constitution, which protects and guarantees the fundamental liberties of citizens from the tyranny of the majority.

We find ourselves up in arms at the fate of Muslims minorities in other countries like Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and China.  We invoke freedom of religion when we hear of minarets being banned in Switzerland or burqas being banned in France. But if the rights of Muslim minorities should be protected in the face of the majority, why is it that we do not have the same vigour to protect the rights our non-Muslim minorities? Why must the rights of others here only be exercised if we deem those rights as exercisable?

So before you take offence at someone who is drinking in front of you while you are fasting, take a step back and think of your religion. Put aside your sense of entitlement and think; just because you are fasting, does it mean that everyone else around you must stow away their food and drinks?

Remember what Islam has instilled in you, not what Muslims have told you.

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Syahredzan Johan adalah seorang peguam muda dan seorang rakan kongsi di sebuah firma guaman di Kuala Lumpur. Dia melihat dirinya sebagai seorang pengkritik politik dan pengulas sosial. Tetapi dia sebenarnya hanyalah seorang warga Malaysia yang mempunyai terlalu banyak pendapat. Dia adalah seorang yang patriotik, walaupun bukan dengan cara biasa seperti mengibar bendera. Dia percaya Malaysia mempunyai potensi yang hanya dapat direalisasi sekiranya rakyatnya belajar bersatu-padu dan bukannya berpecah-belah. Ikutilah Syah di Refleksi Minda.

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589 Responses to We are Malay-Muslims, we are entitled

  1. ano_n

    If the only reason why you do not steal is because it is all hidden from your sight or out of your reach then you are still a thief in your mind and heart!
    The leaders and the teachers of the muslims bear most of the responsibility. Their priority is the idea that OTHER people must change or be controlled; not so much the muslims themselves. For example:
    1) women must be covered up, must not be drunk, otherwise it's their fault if they are molested or raped.
    2) nonmuslims cannot use the word "Allah", otherwise muslims will be confused (muslims elsewhere aren't so easily confused so why are the muslims here so weak? Their teachers?)
    3) people (including muslims that are allowed to) cannot eat and drink in the sight of fasting muslims during the fasting times in the fasting month, otherwise muslims cannot cope.
    Don't you think such leaders and teachers are the ones who are insulting Islam and muslims the most?
    It's their responsibility to teach and lead muslims to be better. Instead they promote a culture of blaming other people for their own failures.
    If a woman is drunk and unconscious, it doesn't mean you should rape her or excuse people who rape her. A good person would make sure she is OK. She may be foolish but so what? She has already paid for her foolishness. Punish those who raped her.

  2. Ira

    Day four of puasa month, I was ill and not fasting. Lo and behold a family member took it upon herself to JUDGE me. In her eyes, I was not quite a muslim, not quite good enough.

    I told her to get the F*** out of my house. In those words.

  3. lim chan you

    Great read, but I believe it is 2-way. I notice many young non- muslims r ignorant of Islam n its practices.
    Once I was having my meal at a food court, my ustaz colleague came by n sat at my table. I exclaimed, ustaz, sori saya tengah makan khinzir. He replied, tak ape lah, u yg makan, bukan saya.

  4. JanggutPutih


    Let me tell you a story…

    Do you know Namewee ? Namewee is a prolific figures in the Chinese circles/community. everybody know him.

    Namewee is a videomaker, he like to make video about…well, the Malays. He made a video criticising the Fajar/Subuh Adzan(calling for prayer for the Muslims) because the adzan is disturbing his sleep.
    He made a video about the Police/civil governments (malays) taking 'rasuah'.
    He made a video criticising TNB(malays) because his place got no electricity.

    It's all about the Malays and the Muslims(because of the adzan).

    So I asked Namewee, why don't you make videos about your people, the Chinese ? Why you are showing only the ugly side of the Malays but not your own people ? He didn't answer but his fans did.

    So I said to him;

    Prostitution(Pelacuran) – towkay – Chinese
    Gambling – towkay – Chinese
    Pirated CD's/DVD's – Chinese
    Disco's/Nightclub – towkay – Chinese
    Rasuah – chinese towkay pay melayu officers

    One of his fan said to me; " Pelacuran is okaylah, lot's of tourist will come to Malaysia and helping Malaysia got more money mah". So I said to him/her; " If you got a daughter and one day she decided to become 'pelacur' you don't get mad, because she is helping the country "; and he/she curse me.

    You know, If a Malay or Malays/Muslims make a mistake or show some attitude towards other ethnic or religions everybody including the Malays too, will come hammering down. But if a Chinese fella done something wrong, everybody will back him up. And you will hear some Malays/Muslims said; "Tak apalah, dia tak tahu, dia bukan Muslim, maafkan saja".

    And everything if it came from the mouth of Malays/Muslims will become an issue.

    God name – an issue
    Puasa – an issue
    Just wanted people to respect because of fasting – become an issue
    Malays are majority – an issue
    Ustazah or Ustaz forgot to include his ethnic – an issue

    Just respect each others.

    • Aledrus

      "Adakah patut kamu menyangka bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga, padahal belum sampai kepada kamu (ujian) seperti yang telah berlaku kepada orang-orang yang terdahulu daripada kamu? Mereka telah ditimpa kepapaan dan serangan penyakit serta digoncangkan, sehingga berkatalah Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman bersamanya: Bilakah (datangnya) pertolongan Allah?" Al Quran 2:214.

      Let them be, that is their way of life (deen), and to us our deen. We shall continue to strive to be a better person and consequently better group of people. What other people do is up to them, it doesn't make you weaker, it makes you stronger. There is no need to bring up what the Chinese tend to do. There are other things our own people do that is within our control.

      In fact, we should be thankful to Namewee, he voiced out the issues that we should have settled by ourselves a long time ago, yet we keep neglecting it.

      You are a servant of God. Act like it. Do you think the Prophet had it easy?

      • JanggutPutih


        I understand about the meaning of the ayat 2:214.

        Look at what Alvin and Vivian(the chinese couple) did, joking about Puasa by eating a Bak Kut Teh. Some ethnic in Malaysia are loudly talking about being fair and respect to each other. If you respect others, things like this would not happen.

        But do the Muslims go out and attack this kind of people ? No. Even though it hurts our feeling. It will all be over after this couple said that they are sorry and Muslims will accept it.

        The issue that Mr.Syah raised is about – non Muslims do not have to hide when eating infront of Muslims in Ramadhan(the fasting month). I agree, you guys the non-Muslims are welcome to eat or drink infront of the Muslims on Ramadhan, it won't bothers the Muslims. Never in my life I saw a Muslim scold or punch a non-Muslim because of that. Its a non-issue.

        I bring up the Namewee issue is because Namewee keep telling the Chinese about Malays attitude towards the Chinese(a racist issue). But he also is a racist.

        Our Prophet do not had it easy, true. But he also do not keep quiet if some peoples attacking his religion or his ummah. He will try to explained about our deen, but if they do now want to hear, THEN 'to them their deen and to us, ours.

        • JanggutPutih

          Our Prophet do not had it easy, true. But he also do not keep quiet if some peoples attacking his religion or his ummah. He will try to explained about our deen, but if they do not want to hear, THEN 'to them their deen and to us, ours. – sorry typo error (now-not)

          • visitor

            from your comments, it is pretty obvious that you are one of those malays mentioned by this author.
            you clearly have an issue with non-muslims in malaysia, particularly the chinese. actually, there's racism in your tone. and of course, like a typical holier than thou malay, you have to use religion to justify your personal opinions. bravo. keep dreaming you get the respect you want.

          • JanggutPutih

            Maybe you are reading the comment in a wrong way, I do not use religion to justify my comments, where in my comments that I do that ? I just answering the comment made by Aledrus and he put an ayat in the al-Qur'an to tell me something and I replied that I understand what he trying to tell me.

            And about Namewee, it is him that keep making videos about the Malays. Not vice versa. What I said about the Chinese is true, do not be ignorant, it is a problem in the Chinese communities and we should do something about it. Do not just talk about rasuah, and this blog topic about non-muslims eating infront of muslims, it is a non-issue, nothing ever happened.

            I don't have issue with the non-muslims, my mother in-law is a chinese muslim, I have chinese and indian friends too. Be respectful toward others there is nothing to loose.

  5. Ellfian Rahim

    Well said, sir. Now if only other members of the increasingly arrogant Malaysian master race will take some heed…

  6. Aasim

    Sounds similar; this is how it is in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan :-) condemnable!

  7. ThinkUsNotMe

    I like how you use the term "Malay-Muslims". Many people think that being Malay automatically means that you are a Muslim. Well, it is the case in this country. However, if there is a Malay person in another country he/she can be of any other religion. I myself am an Indian. And I'm a Muslim. Being an Indian Muslim is quite difficult in this country. Its like you're in between the Malay-Muslims and the Indian-Hindus. As a child I remember every time I had "Pendidikan Islam" class the teacher would always say "Ok, semua budak Melayu sila pergi ke kelas agama sekarang". I was often left confused because I knew I was not a Malay at the same time I knew I had to attend the class.
    Anyway, this is a lovely article. Glad that I dropped by. :-D

  8. Cath

    I'm totally agree with you, brother!

    I work in a company where the ratio of Malays & Chinese is 50/50. We have a pantry in office and that's the only place we are allowed to have our meal in office. Surau is right next to the kitchen. During bulan berpuasa, people that do not practise fasting will still have their breakfast/lunch at the pantry as usual but they will be more aware if there is any Muslim's around. Whenever we see them walk into the pantry, we will stop eating, keep our food, walk away and wait till they leave but I'm glad that they never feel offense when they bump into us during our meal time. In fact, they always tell us "Jangan, duduk… duduk… makan sajelah, tak apa". I feel so warm for their understanding and this is when I really feel "1 Malaysia".

  9. Krishnaveny

    Wonderful write up.thanks. Hope the Malay Muslims n Non Muslims learn somethg from here.

  10. haritz

    aku tak faham Inggeris sbb aku Melayu -Islam

  11. wake up

    Ppl of other religions also fast, sometime every other day in a week. Do we hear such stupid comments of ppl not being sensitive and eating in front of them? why make a mockery of your religion? You want others to eat in a cave because you are fasting? no wonder they have this called islamophobia. It because of ppl like u! By the way, I am a muslim.

    • JanggutPutih

      If there are people of other religions that are fasting, and we know about it, we should respect them too. The differences of Ramadhan as the month of fasting and other religions is that without telling them and by watching TV or listen to the radio or reading the newspaper(in Malaysia of course) they knew that Ramadhan(the month of fasting for the muslims) is coming.

      But to be honest, and I too have a lots of friends from other sect of religions, I do not know the days or weeks or month of fasting for them. But if they tell me, I would respect them and try not to eat or drink infront of them unless they tell me otherwise.

  12. Birla

    Brother, Please ignore the comment earlier. Its for another post. Anyway, keep up the good work bro.

  13. Birla

    Brother. I am very offended that you have belittled me as a non Muslim. But I am not gonna write a blog or an essay for these. Rather, I am gonna advise you to understand the content of your own blog before posting it. Great Day Bro.

  14. anak sarawak

    majority bully the minorities.

  15. Anon

    Reading the comments I see that many people are saying this article need not be written, it doesn't happen, get out more, etc

    I think that's precisely why it should be written AND read by those who post such comments. What needs to be understood is that it does happen, sure…not to you or those u know, but it does. Because everyone is different with different experiences and exposures. So instead of being ignorant and saying it doesn't, why not realize that it might be? Even in the comments, glimpses of arrogance and intolerance appear and it is truly sad.

  16. lala

    I for once a muslim and my friends don't really mind for a non muslim to eat in front of us. It's kind of a childish thought to be enraged by people eating in front of you when you are fasting.

  17. Al_Mas

    I am running a fever at 39.4. Even the wuduk water is painful not to mention my joints and head. My throat is parched and I having gastric to boot. So, am I giving up? No, because I am fasting for the sake of Allah. If I am fasting for any other reason, I may give up. But not for the sake of Allah. These sanctimonious muslims, have they got their niat correct?

  18. alexis

    Being a muslim but not malay and growing up here in malaysia all my life was hard especially in education.work..environment..I suffered alot…

  19. minumlahcokeiokayje

    To those who are easily affected by the sight of food and drinks during Ramadhan should fast for more than 1 month to strengthen their Iman. This matter definitely does not apply to all Muslim. I'm 27 and at this age, I won't waver just by looking at someone drinking coca cola at 1pm. In fact, as I'm writing this, there's a bag filled with lauk for buka puasa later next to me.

    But we are talking about respect. So, isn't this situation the same as when we have to respect the sound of fire crackers until 4am during CNY? Or have vegetarian dishes on our table during Raya just in case our vegetarian friends come over? Or that neighbour's incense sticks which are very noticeable or when we do not report that a neighbour has a pet dog at home even though the condo's management doesn't allow this because we know how much he loves his pet dog? Some things should be generalized but some things you just can't. We complain like everyone. But everyone does, about everything! An ideal human being with high moral values should be both respectful and not complain. Right?

    These minority Malay-Muslim who flare up at the sight of someone drinking cola should be judged as solely someone whose level of patience and Iman are not as high as most and to question his moral values and not to be judged as Malay-Muslim who "wants to be respected".

    "Malay-Muslims are entitled not to have a Hindu temple in the vicinity of their housing estate. Malay-Muslims are entitled to dictate what names others may use to invoke the Creator. Malay-Muslims are entitled to stop the sale of alcohol beverages and deny the establishment of a cinema in Malay majority areas"

    You know what, we are entitled. But are we enjoying what we are "entitled" for? No right? SS7, there's a temple in the middle of a Malay-Muslim neighborhood with a lot of Malay-Muslim YBs in the vicinity. But Malay-Muslims are also understanding and loving friends. That is why you can still enjoy alcohol beverages anytime of the day.

    But if you are judging and labeling us and telling us to be more open minded just because you "don't get your alcohol beverage", then, are you a good friend to us??

  20. Broken

    Very well written… As i a muslim who believe in Islam teaching, never once i come across in Islam say that when the Muslim is fasting, other people cant eat.. We are the one who fast in the name of Allah should honour it.. Regardless if 1000 people eating in front of us…
    At working place, can say almost 90% is non Muslim.. I have no issue if they eating in front of me.. There time i will offer my office mate what ever food that left on my desk… For me its not about other people to respect the one who fasting but how we muslim respect our fast…

  21. JanggutPutih


    Ianya adalah mengenai sikap menghormati orang lain(respect toward others). Jika kita pergi ke majlis kematian, sudah tentu kita bersikap menghormati keluarga si mati, menjaga adab sopan dan tutur kata agar tidak menyinggung perasaan mereka.

    Begitu juga seseorang Muslim itu menginginkan agar masyarakat lain yang bukan beragama Islam, yang tidak berpuasa, agar menghormati keadaan mereka yang sedang berpuasa, dengan sebaik mungkin mengelakkan diri daripada makan dan minum dihadapan mereka. Tetapi jika ianya tetap berlaku, maka tiada apa yang seseorang Muslim itu dapat lakukan, kerana ianya hak mereka yang tidak berpuasa.

    Tetapi jika kita mempunyai perasaan menghormati diantara satu sama lain dengan cuba memahami perasaan orang lain dan bersikap sensitif, ianya tidak akan menjadi satu isu.

    Saudara Syahredzan Johan juga mempersoalkan mengenai LGBT(Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) dengan menyamakan kesalahan dari segi agama dengan perjudian. Memang benar kedua-duanya adalah dosa. Namun begitu pada pendapat saya, LGBT memberi kesan yang lebih dahsyat kepada masyarakat, kerana ianya melibatkan hubungan kekeluargaan dan kesinambungan kepada keturunan.

    Perjudian pula jika dilihat seakan sudah menjadi satu budaya untuk satu kaum di Malaysia, di mana pemilik-pemilik pusat-pusat judi juga adalah dikalangan mereka. Namun jika perjudian juga dapat dibanteras dan dihalang dari wujud ataupun berkembang, maka sudah tentu ianya menjadi satu kebaikan untuk semua masyarakat di Malaysia.

    Apa-apa pun ianya hanyalah pendapat dari saya.


  22. Mr Saint

    Maybe these guys have t read the article below for better understanding of Islam and Hinduism. http://hindu.bz/hindu-brahmins-fought-for-imam-hu

  23. shiryen

    mind blowing. :) thank you.

  24. kokhoor

    I believe respecting each other matters. If a muslim feel offended, do ask the non-muslim (preferably with some humour), I wish you don't mind not drinking in front of me, it is too tempting! And a non-muslim should understand not to distract a muslim from performing his/her duties.

    In the end, we just need to be understanding and put ourselves in other's shoes, and we will feel better. And last but not least, give them the benefits of the doubt!

    We're living in the same big house, why not make it a pleasant stay for us all, while it lasts. One fine day, we'll no longer be on earth anyway.

  25. anakmelayu

    Malay is the master of this land !!! remember that MOFO!!!

  26. mr.zham

    couldn't agree more.. :)

  27. jang oh jang

    lu nak ubah system bro???kahkahkahkah!!! good luck bro!!!

  28. zen

    You malay muslims deserve nothing as you are the scum of the earth and entitled to hell only, i've met enuf of yr shitty people to confirm my condemnation for your jihad people, race and so called murderous,living at tip of the sword faith. Ill make it a point to hurt you people should i find the right opportunity to do so, i just stab you in dark and go have fckin beer to celebrate, tt how highly i think of you and your entire fcking civilization, blood socially miscreants you people.

  29. Muslim man

    I jus want to point out another thing. Ladies and non muslims should not go out ot eat before the friday prayers to make way for the muslim men to eat their lunch so they wont be late for friday prayers. Please understand.

  30. A.L.I.

    i am a malay-muslim….more open minded than the rest of us….yes,i respect your own view on this matter Syah….but nevertheless i am muslim,and u are my muslim brother….among all your laws degrees,overseas and what not…..you seem to forget……what it is being a muslim………Islam…not a religion,but a way of life….this ideology ecompass billions of worshippers around the world…..a muslim is not easily shaken,but certainly easily provoke…..if you look around the world have you ever ponder why muslims are the hardest to fight back…..southern thai,southern philipines,iraq,afganistan…..to outsiders this seems radical and terror-ific,but to a muslim…this is IMAN….iman is the only thing that keep muslims survived all these years……..our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did not leave behind any magical beans when he died…..no money,no fancy cars,nothing at all…..all he left for us is the Quran and his teachings…..this what holds us together throughout the years…….yes muslims in malaysia may bicker from time to time….but when the time comes,when your God is calling you,when you are in your death bed….who do you think is gonna wash u up….prepare your funeral,bury you…pray for you?……….let me reiterate…im an open minded person,a muslim nevertheless…..i think fervently before i act….thus write wisely my bro….rediscover your inner islam and may God bless in your tidings…..

    ps; to my non muslim friends……we have been living under the same roof for more than 50 years together….cant you just picked up any islamic books or read up a translation of the Quran (not for any converting reasons at all)….just to find out how our muslim minds worked….remember we are easily provoke,but our faith/iman are like titanium…..assalamualaikum(peace be on to you)………………..understanding is the pinnacle of succes…………….

  31. Tan Zee Hau

    I think it is not fair if u just focus on muslim only. In my opinion, non-muslim also has to show respect and more sensitive with this issue. After all this is all about tolerance between muslim and non-muslim.

  32. Nk

    I am malay and muslim. I definitely understand the issue with regards to the privileges that the muslims get in Malaysia. Although I belonged in this privileged group, I never once felt that this concept is longer appropriate. I believe that rights should be earned and not given and I am not afraid of my rights being stripped away because I am a hardworking person and I will make it with or without the privileges.(even as a student,with good grades my application for ptptn and Mara loan..not only their process took so long but it was also rejected)

    I put myself in the non muslims shoes in Malaysia, and no doubt, I feel a great sense of unfairness and hatred towards the Government who does not privilegded its rakyat as a whole.

    And i personally know, having lots of chinese and indian friends, that most of them are smarter and more committed with their work then malays are. Well the Chinese of course have the reputation to being the best in maths worldwide.(Take a look at London School of Economics, filled with chinese). Imagine if they are put to work for the government, possibly alot will change for the better.Malaysia might actually progress and catch up with Singapore for a start. its high time that the government open up the rights which only muslims are entitled to, to every citizen of Malaysia.

    Having said that, i understand why the author attacks the rights malaysian muslims are entitled to, however with regards to the fasting part…the author should know that there are so many of us who does not act that way and even the author himself im sure does not.(and thus i dont get why he had to start of the article about it as if it has been widely demanded by, as if it is such a norm that thats what malays do and demand). Being a muslim who fast, I myself urge my friends around me to start the dinner without me (in this recent law ball), but they refused to..and they waited together with me, and in fact even let me have the first start. I was so touched with the courtesy that they showed and i gain respect for them. See i would not have lost respect for them if they ate in front of me, if such small thing such as that would tick me off..then i wouldnt stand a chance in this challenging world. but i loved my friends even more for the kindness they showed which does not cost a thing but reflects so much respect.It is just an aspect of respecting other people’s religion. So there you go.

  33. Good article to be read and reread many times. Think and rethink many times especially the word, majority. If the choice and rules are not in contrast, the word majority would not be there. We infact, live happily without consider who is major and who is minor.

  34. rubysanches

    World will be a better place to live if we all try to give and take. Respect each other's belief won't hurt us.
    Am working with Malay Muslims for over 10 years they are alright, I avoid eating/drinking infront of them to show my respect ,some of them follows some not, whatever it is , our own guilt will haunt us as the saying goes :
    God doesn't want us to feel guilty about our mistakes; He wants us to learn from them, make amends … or of announcing one's own fine sensibilities …

  35. twg

    Excellent article and i enjoyed the read. Keep it up!

  36. john

    True fasting i believ is when u pass the real test..when food is aroun u n yet u can resist tis temptation..not when u r angry at others not respektin your fast…tat's wat i personally believ…

  37. Liz

    Trying not to drink/eat in front of a fellow friend who is fasting is just common courtesy. And fyi, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, people of other faiths, do practice fasting as well. As a Christian, I fast during the season of Lent in preparation for Easter, I fast for 40 days for the month of Merdeka, to pray for my country. It's just not as……publicized.

    And that does not mean that I expect everyone around me to stop eating and drinking because I do too. Although their choice to refrain from doing so in front of me is very much appreciated :)

    Anyway, thank you Syahredzan, for this article. Coming from a Muslim, as sound advice to your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, this is bound to hold more. Thank you, again :)

  38. May peace be unto you,

    1. Not all Muslims are like that. Example given should not be generalized- and I believe not the intention of the author

    2. There is difference between what is Islamic and what is personal

    3. Islam doesn’t teach Muslims to hate others who eat in front of a fasting Muslim because it is not an offence

    4. The true Islamic message is the call to co-exist and integrate in peace and harmony with the non-Muslims. Islam doesn’t teach to hate, but to love ;-)


  39. Smile

    Salam alaik. Just something to share to everyone.

    For Malays, we call it panas or terik. For Arabs, we call it ramadhan. Why hot? Because when we have so much food and drinks in our fridge and cabinet and yet we cannot eat them, how do we feel? Hot in the heart, am I right? That is what Ramadhan's fasting is all about. Whether you're rich, powerful, poor, lonely, we're all equal when it comes to fasting on Ramadhan. The rich are not to break fast earlier than the poor and the poor are not to break fast later than the rich. So basically, whether someone eats in front of a person who fasts or not, there is not much difference to it anyway especially when the faster is a veteran, which is most likely the case for a lot of muslims in Malaysia. Remember, our Prophet Muhammad SAW went for a real war on a Ramadhan, while all we had to go for war against is only sleeping like a hibernating bear and maybe the topic highlighted in the blogpost above, which in my honesty is not much of a challenge.

    Dear muslims, Allah is angry (murka) at us for all our many past sins, while we easily forget them. Ramadhan is a beautiful blessing for us muslims. When we have less time to eat and drink, we have more time to perform ibadah. It is the time of the year when businesses (such as food stalls and supermarkets) flourish. Rewards (Pahala) multiply like crazy for each good deed (ibadah) that makes any genuinely good person drool. When we perform sedeqah (charity), Allah forgive our sins. The Prophet Muhammad SAW had said that when we perform sedeqah, it erases Allah's anger. Give sedeqah to the poor, or even better, give sedeqah to your wives. When we doa (pray) as we fast, Insya Allah, Allah will make that prayer/doa effective (makbulkan). Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah), this is such a beautiful month to increase our taqwa (fear to God). If we fear Allah, no tyrant, ghost, alien, bankruptcy or murderer can scare us.

    Have an awesome Ramadhan.

  40. Duan

    Out of the topic reply perhaps : Buffet Ramadhan should only be offered to Muslims and not to be enjoyed by all. Especially when the fasting people will have to wait for a table while the non-fasting race is enjoying the food and taking their own sweet time. ( yes i know u paid for it too) __Either they are ignorant which I doubt or just being selfish in most cases.____p/s : I've never seen or heard any muslim frens get mad or complaint while other ppl eat or drink in front of them. ____A non muslim view.

  41. MsMalaysia

    Where any religion is the majority, the same sense of false entitlement prevails. Happens in India with the Hindus, it even happens in Sri Lanka with the monks from, of all the peaceful religions of the world, Buddhism. Strength in numbers, as the adage goes, but when it comes to the practice of religion, strength exists in restraint and acceptance.

  42. its education, its the economy, its building an egalitarian society. No point flogging a dead horse. And by dead horse here I mean that whole issue about how ….. the malays are. Be original la please

  43. hurricanemax

    salutes you in this holy Ramadan month. Not many can see further than what the religious bigot politicians and wannabes (muslims, non-muslims and equally dangerous, muslim converts) are telling them…Selamat berbuka later.

  44. sabahano

    Btw, Hindus and Christians also sometimes abandon their "civic consciousness" when going for prayers by parking in the middle of the road. So not only Muslims do this.

  45. anon

    this article hv no fuckin point. this things never happen. this author is livin in his imaginary world which filled wif hatred

  46. Rubes

    Kudos on this article- you are very brave to write such an eye-opener to all our Muslim friends .

  47. t4l

    You seemed to be concerned about right of others more than your own belief, which also have the right to be respected, moreover by yourself. Dayus, simply. Sorry to say

  48. Fauzi

    I wonder what is the purpose of this artcle. To encourage better understanding? I dont think so. I dont get angry at people eating or drinking in front of me. So I'm not a Malay Muslim? Cummon bro. U've gotta do better than that.

  49. Sarah

    Excellent article. Wish more people could be as objective as you.

  50. hamba Allah

    Hanya melayu yang tidak cukup ilmu ataupun cukup ilmu tetapi tidak bijak mempraktikkan ilmu sahaja yang mudah melenting apabila diprovokasi. Islam adalah cara hidup (ad-din). Sesiapa yang hidup berlandaskan hukum ajaran Islam insyaAllah tidak akan mudah melatah, tidak akan mengambil hak orang lain, tidak akan berlaku zalim, tidak akan melanggar batas-batas agama. Oleh yang demikian sedarlah bahawa manusia yang berupa melayu tetapi berperangai buruk bukanlah Melayu yang hidup berlandaskan ajaran Islam.

    • leen

      Yeah, you say that, but how many non-muslim knows that you are following the right track of islam? they never know n never bother about it

    • pejuang Allah

      tutup rumah pelacuran/rumah urut, kedai nombor,haramkan penjualan arak, laksanakan undng2 islam,wajibkn penutupan aurat bgi smua rkyat malaysia,suburkan syiar islam. dh abes cita!!! xpayah nk cita psal hak2 itu ini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!