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Students for Power in Administration and Management (SPAM) is an UndiMsia! Affiliate tasked with providing an feasible proposal towards increasing student participation in the administration and management of universities affected by the UUCA (Universities and University Colleges Act) 1971.

We intend to come out with a feasible alternative administrative system for the empowerment of student participation in the administration and management of public universities. This will involve coming out with suggestions for the restructuring of existing student body organizations, devolution of power to said organizations and improving of the presence of student body representatives in the Senate and the Board of Directors.

To achieve this, we implore you to move with us in giving a voice to the silent student body through joining us in our project. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be part in a movement that aims to significantly impact Malaysia’s education system and garner more socially conscious and active graduates.

Please also fill in our survey form DUE Saturday, 7/7/2012 if you happen to originate from a IPTA.

Rebecca Choong is a first year undergraduate in University College London studying Economics and Business with East European Studies. She sees herself as a relatively average, fun-loving student who has...

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