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Dear friends

UndiMsia! is a holistic and fiercely non-partisan citizen empowerment movement built on 4 pillars of Information, Process, Action and Platform. Various deliverables have already been rolled-out under the said pillars.

Under the 2nd pillar of Process, we have published the first-ever Laporan Rakyat to assist voters make informed choices when voting at any Federal or State elections. We are now, in collaboration with the Sinar Project, moving on a new online initiative #MyMP to profile our MPs and track their work.

Over the course of the next few months, we will have 222 movers collate relevant information regarding our 222 MPs. The information will then be published periodically on our website to inform voters about the said MPs. We propose to proceed in a few phases:

  • Phase 1 sees the compilation of the basic profiles and details of the MPs.
  • Phase 2 sees the compilation of the MPs’ pledges or statements on key issues, many of which may be found here.
  • Phase 3 sees the implementation of an “e-ticketing” system where we would be able to interact with the MPs online, among others, to raise issues for discussion or resolution.
  • Phase 4 sees the implementation of a Malaysian map … (let’s complete the first 3 phases first please?)

The Sinar Project will be providing an easy-to-use online template to meet the above, so you don’t have to worry!

For now, we need 222 movers (unless some of you want to track more than 1 MP) to sign up and complete Phase 1 by 21 July 2012.

Call To Action

If you are interested in this novel initiative, this is what we would like you to do:

1. Please sign up to track at least 1 MP.

We are sharing on our UndiMsia! massive e-group a common document where you can fill in your name and contact details corresponding with the MP you are tracking. If you are not on our group – which is sad – please drop an e-mail to [email protected], or tweet @UndiMsia with your e-mail address (#MyMP). We will include you on the e-group and there you go!

2. Once you have signed up, and you have a Twitter account, do tweet the MP you are tracking and tag the MP, and us with #MyMP.

3. Regularly check your e-mails on the e-group for further steps to be taken.

4. Attend #UndiMsiaChats on 21 July 2012, 11am @PusatRakyatLB for a conversation on problems you face (if any) and on moving this initiative forward. (We should see 222 movers at this event?!)

Let us collectively educate ourselves, and our fellow citizens, about our elected representatives. It is the least we can do, if we love this nation of ours.

Move with us!

Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) is a non-profit based in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of promoting active democratic participation and human rights awareness.

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  1. Hi! Pepper Lim, thanks for volunteering Bung Mokhtar. LIkewise, I don't think I need to tract my MP for Bandar Kuching. But it is a great idea to track the incalcitrant ones, whether in BN or PR. As it is, it would be great to track and publicise MPs like Ibrahim Ali, Zul Nordin, Mohammed Aziz of Sri Gading, etc…

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