KDU Seminar: Law, Activism & Social Movements by Edmund Bon

KDU University College Seminar Series No. 10 presents a LoyarBurokker’s premise challenging how law students are educated today: 22nd June, 2pm, Section 13 Campus.


Premise The way law is being taught in schools today is outdated.

Method Law students cannot be holistically educated by way of the current paradigm where the teacher teaches and the student accepts.

Syllabus Textbook legal concepts and principles in themselves do not meet the social science aspect and aims of the profession under section 42 of the Legal Profession Act 1976.

Assessment The focus on exam-oriented assessment fails to sufficiently prepare law students to practise law in the real world.

Summary In writing the upcoming UndiMsia! handbook (#DIYToolkit) as a step-by-step guide to using legal ideas to further the cause of justice by collaborative movement-building, the premise challenges the present notion of how educators view and implement legal education. Research on this premise is not scientific or empirical, but based on experiential training.


Edmund has led, and been involved, in no less than 7 social justice movements since returning to Malaysia in 1997. He previously chaired the National Young Lawyers, Human Rights and Constitutional Law committees of the Bar Council. He continues to sleep with LoyarBurok, work with MyConsti and move with UndiMsia! He recently co-founded the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights a.k.a. PusatRakyatLB.


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