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Yes, no joke, you can pray in Esperanto language.

Most of the major religions in the world have the Esperanto language group for international communications.

Since the birth of Esperanto in 1887. Many religious leaders realised for international communications, they need a simple learning language and the most of it is the neutrality of the language.

There is even a religion which began using Esperanto as the main language of its texts for prayer. This religion is called Oomoto and now has spread across the globe. There is an English version of a short film about it.

The Catholic church in the Vatican broadcast in Esperanto daily. The protestants have Esperanto congress yearly. Buddhism in particular the triangle meet, China, Korea and Japan, is held in rotation each year:

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Recently, the monk in China, Miao Hui was interviewed by an American in Esperanto. Certainly, Buddhism in China is like the Esperanto Commerce group, taking up the major place. If you don’t understand Esperanto, watch it with the English subtitle.

It is Islam has yet to organise the International meet despite Iran being the first country to use Esperanto Quran and later discarded it due to some internal problems.

I do not wish to write too long for this article. If the readers from the related religious sectors like to know how Esperanto is good for their followers they can click the links below and contact their respective organisations for more information.

The organisation , not the full list, is based on the alphabetical order but with no other intention.

Baha’i Faith in Esperanto

Buddhism in Esperanto

Catholic in  Esperanto

Islamic Esperanto Quran for download

Oomoto Esperanto.

Protestant Esperanto

Spiritism Esperanto

Won Buddhism

Esperanto Bibles in Old and New Testaments

There are more religious groups that you can ask your related religious heads or take a look of this link in wikipedia or write to the headquarters of Esperanto

After watching the 8 minutes short film of the late Dr Claude Piron on the chanllenge of language, Sinjoro ENG has himself revolutionised. Watch it and see whether the short film will touch you too.

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  1. Did all the prayers say God as Allah in them ! If they do how come in Malaysia Allah cannot be said as God ?
    Or is it because the religion in Malaysia Islam is practiced by the half breeds and it isn't Islam.

    1. God in Esperanto is Dio. If you like to know what the God in Esperanto in all the religion translation, please click the links that are on the page. The Esperanto Quran (Koran) is in pdf file. Najib Manaukau, you might like to search wikipedia for the history of the word Alah. I could not paste the link of wikipedia as the page would consider as a spam and I could not send this reply. Bonan tagon.

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