Lee Hwa Beng will be sharing about the PKFZ Scandal, which he was involved in as a Chairman of Port Klang from 2009-2011. He will reveal how the development of the Port Klang Free Zone since 1993 still affects us citizens till today, and will not end until we, as taxpayers, begin to sit up and make our government accountable.

This talk will be based on his recently-launched book, “PKFZ: A Nation’s Trust Betrayed” and he will be accompanied by speaker Dr Ong Kian Ming and the moderator Philip Golingai from the Star for a Q&A session following the talk.

Please join him for this session where he hopes to champion a change in our society’s mindset that “silence is no longer an option” as he shares openly about the challenges and achievements during his tenure as PKFZ Chairman.

Saturday 9th of June, 3 – 5pm @ the Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok. Click here for the map.



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One reply on “Lee Hwa Beng talks about the PKFZ scandal”

  1. Had the opportunity to view the movie ICAC( I Corrupt All Cops) last night on the youtube. It depicted the high level of corruptions in the HK police force including the anti-corruption agency right up to the 70s. When ICAC was set up on the insistence of the UK government, all those rooky investigators were threatened, intiminated, and suffered bodily harm and most were forced to resign. The local head of ICAC was forced to recruit those from the corrupted police force who were cold storaged for not cooperating well. Those guys asked what kind of salary ICAC could offer because even at the cold-storaged duties, they still received their fair share of the monthly loot, which was many times the salary they could receive from ICAC. The head replied that he could not offer them that kind of income but, he assured them that he could bring back the honour and integrity that they had lost.
    With the inside information from those new recruits and working without fear or favour, they started to track down one by one bringing justice to the wrong doers. The price, alot of ICAC officers had to sacrificed their lives for performing their duties with honour and integrity.

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