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LoyarBurok has obtained the Writ and Statement of Claim in Kuala Lumpur High Court Civil Suit No. 21NCVC-102-05/2012, Government of Malaysia v Ambiga Sreenevasan & 9 Others. This is the document that starts the case against the 10 people named as Defendants.

In the suit, Government of Malaysia are suing 10 individuals who were purportedly the organisers of Bersih 3.0. The suit is for a declaration that Bersih 3.0 was contrary to the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, for unspecified general damages and for special damages of RM122,000 being the cost of repairs to several government owned cars allegedly damaged during the rally.

The defendants have 8 days from the date the Writ is served on them to enter an appearance, and will then have to file a Defence within 14 days after they enter appearance. The case is fixed for case management before Prasad Abraham J on Wednesday, 13th June 2012, 2 days before His Lordship is transferred to the Shah Alam High Court.

As usual, LoyarBurok is the first to publish the court documents. Click here to view!

One reply on “LoyarBocor! Writ & Statement of Claim By Govt vs Bersih”

  1. so does this mean a full investigation will be carried out to reveal :
    (1) who actually broke the barrier
    (2) did he break the barrier on his own accord or was he given orders to do so
    (3) who gave him the order?
    (4) who are the police officers who attacked the marchers?
    (5) did they attack on their own accord or did someone give them standing orders to attack?
    (6) who are the officers who are not wearing name tags?
    etc etc etc …..
    so, is it a defence if agent provocateurs were the ones who are the rioters / police who attacked?

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