8 replies on “Writ of Summons Filed Against Bar Council, Malaysian Bar, Etc”

  1. would like to know, if for example the pf is a legal firm in the writ of summons, should i put in all the partners in the firm or i just can write down the firm's name in the writ?

  2. The document is so poorly drafted. I wonder how the person who drafted it even got through Bar school.

    1. He is a Malaysian lawyer. It is no wonder. The vast majority of Malaysian lawyers and many judges suffer from this defect but are oblivious to their own shortcomings in this respect which makes the issue a tragedy of national proportions.

  3. he also put Chee Wee and Tony Woon are being sued "on behalf of all members of Malaysian Bar including themselves" instead of "sued as President (and secretary) of Malaysian Bar"

  4. I notice that he is suing "on behalf of all malaysian Bar members"..when did I give him any authority to sue on my behalf?

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