*drum rolls* Presenting the grand finale of #VoicesFromDataran!

So sorry for the delay of this episode on the blawg. Totally forgot to post it here as I was recovering and reeling from the epic Bersih adventure I had with my gang. Our story (by Louise Tan) is already up here! (personal promo here)

#VoicesFromDataran is a video series initiative by UndiMsia!. In line with our pillar of “Freedom of Expression”, we provide occupiers and supporters with a platform to express themselves where anyone in Dataran Merdeka is encouraged to talk and express just about anything on their minds.

Move with UndiMsia!


Disclaimer: All views are fully personal and do not reflect the stand of UndiMsia or OccupyDataran. Both UndiMsia and OccupyDataran are fiercely non-partisan movements.

On another note, UndiMsia! is going to have a special #UndiMsiaChats this weekend for #BersihStories. Come this week to listen and share your #BersihStories with us! Checkout the Facebook event page and let us know if you’re coming!. https://www.facebook.com/events/302332433177223/

We have also decided to do #a VoicesFromBersih vlog series for you to share your stories.

This will be happening this Saturday (5th May 2012) at Pusat Rakyat, so see you there!

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