#Bersih 3.0: A Different Strategy

An observation on the differences in Bersih 3.0 as compared to the previous one – in terms of the ruling government’s approaches.

The Barisan Nasional Government has smartened up, and has now changed its strategy in countering #Bersih 3.0. And this time around, they are employing the tactic of ignoring.

If you have noticed, it is a total opposite of last year’s Bersih. Practically no one from the BN Government, Cabinet, or BN parties have commented much, except perhaps Hishamuddin.

The main stream media (MSM) meanwhile did not provide as much coverage on #Bersih 3.0 as it did on 2.0. The BN Government is trying to silence the Rakyat into oblivion.

Out of #Bersih’s 8 demands, perhaps only 1 is fulfilled –  i.e. the use of indelible ink. But it seems that that is now redundant with the passing of the Election Offence Act.

The BN Government is again employing a tactic of smothering the Rakyat with the outcome of the 22 PSC recommendations; however, all of these recommendations are attached with “conditions” and will not be implemented in time before GE13.

The government is also playing the “good” guy this time, portrayed as having “tried and attempted” electoral reform, but without commitment for implementation. And this is bidding time for GE13.

Furthermore and as suspected, the BN Government has painted itself as “angelic” on MSM, through actions taken via the PSC recommendations. MSM is also brilliantly playing to this “good” guy tune, bringing up things like how the government did indeed offer viable alternatives to the Bersih 3.0 venue – i.e. Stadium Merdeka.

But suddenly, it is now #Bersih who is ignorant, stubborn and at fault.

MSM and the BN Government is continuously painting a bad picture of #Bersih, the most evident of which being that it is the one to blame in any event of chaos.

The government is now asking why Bersih did not come to a compromise, since alternatives were offered. But the question is this – what is there to compromise for in regards of free and fair elections?!

Nothing should be compromised for a free and fair electoral system!

The BN Government also probablyhopes that, with the silence resulting from less media coverage, the rakyat will forget and move on, taking for granted and manipulating the typical Malaysian mentality.

While there is lots of hype online with the MSM shunning Bersih, those who do not have online access do not know the actual truth – that perhaps none of the proposed eight demands have been met.

Most shockingly is the fact that the government rushed through and passed the amended Election Offence Act which has – as one of its most absurd points – the barring of monitoring agents during elections.

So my fellow rakyat, the fight is not over yet. It does not just end after the sit-in protest. To those of you who have access online, please take it upon yourselves to educate those who do not hold such true or clear views. Explain to them about Bersih.

Spread the truth about the BN Government’s actions, as they need to be held accountable for such. Do not allow their tactics to work in silencing you into oblivion. Talk, debate and speak about it!

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