3 replies on “Is Bersih 3.0 Still Needed?”

  1. There will probably be a 4.0…& on and on it goes…as politics go…"A Communist is just a Socialist in a hurry."; and, as Benjamin Franklin(on the US 100 note)once said, "This experiment(constitution) will work until the people learn to help themselves to the largesse(taxes)"…so goes Democracy down the rats hole! Now, here`s another one, "Something`s wrong in the world." Fidel Castro,circa 1976-Time Magazine

    1. Thank You…and some of these people need to have their bad language expunged from the texts also,OK? Glad somebody is out there policing these blogs-Thank you again-KLM

  2. This is only a true reflection of the transformation that Najib is promising.
    What is the difference between Bersih 2 Bersib 3 ? It is just as repressive as before the new bill replacing ISA and is even worse, but this is to be expected from the deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites from Umno. They talk of doing one thing that people like to hear but do and act on something totally different. Najib has answers for every questions asked but yet he has no answers on the submarine deals. Or may be he can again call on Allah to be his witness that he has nothing to do with it, after all he swore on the Koran that he has never met the mongolian beauty.
    This is the true actions and behaviors of the Umno morons that thrive on telling liars and deceptions ! So get out there in full to vote the consummate liars of Umno out of Putrajaya in the coming GE, regardless of whatever new tricks, gimmicks and promises they come up with between now and the GE , enough is enough !

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