Integrating visuals and creativity into the fight against corruption, #pangkahrasuah is a poster contribution drive led by Sufri Safuan @ssafuan.

E-mail your poster to [email protected].

The drive begins 9th April 2012 and ends 15th April 2012.

An 18 year-old German-Chinese currently residing in Malaysia. Self-proclaimed concert junkie and Twitter-addict. Well-versed in the field of design since the dawn of age. Has worked as a graphics &...

2 replies on “Say No to Bribery #LikeASir”

  1. It is true that bribery is a big issue these days. Bribery is posing a great threat to the development of our country and the meme that is shared here on the page about bribery is much relevant. Thank you for sharing. cash your miles

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