Anti-Sex Bebas 901

Adrian discovers an NGO-driven anti-LGBT campaign running in 30 schools and rightly wonders if the Ministry of Education is in the know.

It was a normal Monday. As I was about to begin the day’s work, I was asked by my colleague to check my email inbox. And this was what I found.

Anti-Sex Bebas 901: THE t-shirt | Photo: Adrian Ng

I was then told by my colleague that this shirt was distributed by a teacher to her Form 1 niece and also to other students who were receiving prizes during the school’s prize giving ceremony last weekend. The students were told to put it on for Saturday’s ceremony.

Upon further checking, it was found that this exercise was part of an on-going anti-LGBT campaign organized by an NGO called Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM). It was reported in mStar (Star Online’s Malay section) and Utusan Malaysia that 30 schools would be taking part in this campaign.

I was shocked!

Launch of the anti-sex bebas campaign at SMK Miharja Cheras | Photo: JMM | Source:

I immediately tweeted our Deputy Minister of Education, YB Wee Ka Siong, to clarify if such a campaign has been endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Education; the answer was a plain “No”.

Response from YB Wee Ka Siong | Screenshot: Adrian Ng

Subsequently, there were no responses to my tweet on whether the Ministry of Education would be taking any action in relation to this matter.

No further response | Screenshot: Adrian Ng

So, are our schools now a platform for hate and discrimination campaigns? Why is an NGO allowed to promote its hate and discrimination agenda in schools? Why are our students taught to hate and discriminate based on sexual preferences?

What is happening to Malaysia’s education system and schools?

Please, dear Minister and Deputy, could you answer my questions? I am still waiting. And I continue to wonder too, if this is all part of why our Minister of Education said last weekend that Malaysia’s education system is better than US, Britian and Germany.

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  1. Discrimination amongst students is intolerable because it spoils tender souls.
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  2. This is the situation where the head does not know what the tail is doing. In order to hide their incompetence, silence is golden.

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