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Lord Bobo endorses this restaurant

It appears to be just another ordinary Indian restaurant, which may or may not attract your interest as you pass it by. However, with such a name, a twitch of curiosity in the corner of your mind will perhaps induce you to wonder: why ‘fierce’ curry?

According to Herukh T.Jethwani, the owner of Fierce Curry House, it was his father who named this shop when they took over the business in 1983. “Why ‘Fierce Curry House’?” he repeats my question, “Because we want you to talk about it!”

The restaurant is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk down the road from the Bangsar LRT station. Their signature dish is the Hyderabad Biryani Dhum which originated from Bangles – a famous Indian restaurant owned by Herukh’s family with at least 6 branches located throughout Kuala Lumpur. Apparently Herukh spent three months in Hyderabad watching his aunt prepare the famous ‘Nasi Biryani’ in order to perfect the recipe before bringing it home to KL.

The biryani was served that way at Bangles until Herukh started Fierce Curry House where the recipe was tweaked to improve the taste. Basically, improvisations were made – spices were added and better quality of rice, used. “In the restaurant, only 2 people know about the recipe.” says Herukh before adding, “The biryani comprises 27 ingredients and is marinated and cooked through the night, which is why when we run out, we run out. There’s no way that we can make more.”

The biryani rice is served in a metal pot sealed with a kind of dough that some call the ‘briyani gum’. Can eat one or not? “Well, if you really want to, you can.” Herukh says.

Though the dough wasn’t exactly the gastronomical delight we came searching for, it certainly contributed to the making of one. Made out of chapati flour, it acts as a sealant and an indicator for the cook. “We use it to seal the pot in order to avoid the steam and moisture from going in the biryani. When the dough becomes tough and cooked, that’s when we know that the biryani is ready.”

Herukh is also planning for his trademark ‘fierceness’ to be felt more strongly in Kuala Lumpur soon. The ‘Biryani On Wheels’ van will be parked at several corporate locations in the city. So if you happen to pass by one of these on a Friday, simply honk 4 times to stop the van and you can have a fulfilling ‘shot’ of biryani in minutes!

The biryani goes for RM15 per serving and comes in varieties of chicken, vegetarian, fish and mutton. A tad steep perhaps? If the crowd is anything to go by, Fierce Curry House’s slightly-above-average-price isn’t deterring Malaysians from calling in their orders to satisfy their biryani cravings. This is why, to cater to the demand, they are open to receiving orders through phone, email, Twitter, Facebook and even BBM.

Closed on Mondays, from 7am to 7pm
Fierce Curry House
16 Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar Utama
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6 019 383 0945

P.S Dear patrons of Fierce Curry House, your photo will be taken and uploaded on their Fierce Facebook album and make no mistake, they WILL tag you. Make sure you dress up nicely and eat elegantly!

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