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Migrants welcomed! All we want is love in return and Cass is not against migrants getting citizenship.

I think if they’ve worked or been in a country long enough, they ought to be granted citizenship. Of course, before citizenship comes Permanent Residence. And this must be accompanied by extended stay for a fair number of years. Preferably also to those contributing to the economy like learned candidates. Where it crosses the line is when we have bus loads of foreigners being ferried to secret destinations to be given a MyKad in exchange for voting a certain party.

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Now, you may say these are rumours floating around netizens and there are no solid proofs. But nay, I have a personal friend who was offered RM50 for every foreigner he could ‘recommend’ to be given citizenship. And this friend of mine, desperate for cash as he was, was only too happy to go searching. He even came to me asking if I had any Indonesian maids I could refer to him and he would split the RM50 with me.

Citizenship For Sale

Not once did it occur to him the ridiculous situation of blinding giving out citizenships like an Multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. That’s right, it’s like an MLM scheme. You introduce a member and get monetary rewards. Is this where our supposedly exclusive citizenship is going nowadays? Where any Tom, Dick and Harry can get one without test or trial?

I’m pissed off that we’re chasing away good graduates overseas and chasing (sorry to say) poorer quality and unproven (loyalty) people to be part of our rakyat in exchange for a wedding vow. What do we get from blindly engaging in these opportunists who are clearly in for the money they get from those who lure them. (Opportunity for employment, heck that’s being lured by money). They’re just going to rack up as much as they can get, then send it back home. These are after all, people who commit crimes when jobs aren’t handy – a generalisation nonetheless, I must admit.

I knew after the last GE, things were gonna be doubly hard to win votes for the Opposition. Mainly, I thought we were in for a major demarcation of areas to segmentalised supporters of the opposition. But this-?! It just bothers on the ludicrous. If anyone was serious about Malaysia and its nationals, they would put a stop to blindly accepting any opportunist who seduces us with promises of power at the executive level.

These are temporary gains – if you do gain – and is sure to lead the country astray. These are not loyal citizens – they’ve only been here 2-3 years – and citizenship of this country should be guarded like a precious stone. Stop chasing butterflies. Look for the hard working bees that are flying away from the honey, that is Malaysia, towards greener pastures.

For that – I can say that migrants are welcomed – all we want is work, dedication, economy, brains and socially accepting behaviour and trust earned from years of stay. And those like my friend, who is prostituting our citizenship for RM50, stay away from those who sing praises of the government (which is fine) without first examining its core issues (which is not fine) and you will not be brain washed into selling your own country.


Cass likes coffee. She equates politics to drinking coffee. Too much will keep you awake. You need to sweeten it yourself or else it will taste bitter. But it's also addictive if you drink it frequently.

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  1. I think this article verges closely on classism and xenophobia. To begin with, how does one define "high quality" migrants? It often ends with a definition of high income, tertiary education, and a middle class background. When we cannot properly define what "high quality" migrants are, it means a loose definition is open to denigration and abuse of people who are so-called of "low quality" because it persuades us to use our own xenophobic and classist prejudices as points of reference.

    We also need to ask, why is a Malaysian citizenship so important for us ordinary Malaysians to protect from others? We probably take for granted what citizenship means to us and may not realise that granting citizenship to migrants who come to Malaysia want a better life, a life from persecution, abject poverty, and want to have the basic privileges that we Malaysians have: a right to education to better ourselves, a freedom of movement, a life of minimised emotional stress that being a migrant in a country that treats them like dirt.

    Are we protecting our resources from being drained by the increasing numbers of migrants? But what resources are we talking about? Malaysia is not a welfare state, Malaysian citizens do not benefit from much of the state's resources; we do not get free health services and living standards are high.

    If we want to promote multicultural harmony, we must accept that migrants who want to remain in Malaysia, regardless of their background, are part of our social fabric. I don't know what the writer means when she says the loyalty of citizens are only defined by the length of their stay in a country because that's ridiculous. Loyal in what way may I ask? Loyal enough to fight for the interests of their new adopted country? Can you really quantify loyalty?

    Ironically, the writer wants to migrate to another country one day. Is she confident enough she will be considered a "high quality" candidate in her eventual destination of choice? Many economically advanced countries are reinforcing their immigration policies and raising the bar of who's "worthy" enough to be citizens, resulting in greater numbers of "unworthy"/"low quality" migrants of who enter such countries in search of a better life, the same motivation as the writer herself. If the writer wants to better her life, why can't people who are economically desperate be allowed to do so and consider citizenship for themselves and their families?

    1. Just read your reply:

      Quote: I’m pissed off that we’re chasing away good graduates overseas and chasing (sorry to say) poorer quality and unproven (loyalty) people to be part of our rakyat in exchange for a wedding vow. –
      (The problem is – Offering citizenship in exchange of votes)

      Quote: For that – I can say that migrants are welcomed – all we want is work, dedication, economy, brains and socially accepting behaviour and trust earned from years of stay

      (Brains – does not equate to tertiary education)
      And no, loyalty cannot be quatified. But you'd rather date someone for some time before marrying him/her rather than marry someone on a monetary exchange withoyt getting to know that person first.


  2. As one of those whom migrated out I can say with certainty that the political leader's stance is part of the problem. What really kept me away is the double-standard applied on the religious front. The mantra of "you can practice any religion you chose to" is only on paper. In reality… well…

  3. Yes, we need to get an exodus of the well educated Malaysians abroad to return to rebuild our homeland. What's left in Malaysia right now are either old and tired or half baked struggling to make end meets. BUT when and how????

  4. That is why a lot of Malaysians especially the Chinese, migrate overseas when they can. Can see nothing but a bleak future if this state of governance goes on. Malaysia can claim to be one of very few fairly developed/ developing countries where the politicians in the ruling coalition are mostly very rich or multi millionaires or billionaires. Voters actually feel it’s their duty to vote and then instead of being served by politicians and government servants, to serve them with more power and greed and ultimately riches beyond the reaches of the ordinary rakyat.

    Continue with the “import” of Indonesians. Sooner or later, they will be the ones running the country.Enough said!

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