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The Home Ministry has pulled the classic children’s book “Where Did I Come From?” by Peter Mayle off the shelves, pending a decision on whether to ban the book.

UMNO Youth’s Datuk Muhd Khairun Aseh says “the degree of obscenity inside the book was too much”.

The book was published in 2000 (correction, it was first published in 1973), and is already in the homes of many Malaysians, who perhaps have had their “morals harmed”, to use the term used by the Home Ministry’s deputy secretary-general Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi.

Here are some sneak peeks into the book. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

Here we go.
False expectations?
Every child's worst nightmare.

Too obscene? Worthy of a ban?



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29 replies on “Images from the Book Deemed “Too Obscene” for Malaysia”

  1. The pics shown here with discriptions give a sence of perversion to the book, the book as it is is fine. Its innocently worded and well shown. I would have been far less fucked up in my late teen years had my parents botherd to properly expkain such ti me. This i eould definatlh buy for my children

  2. Actually the book was first published in 1973! Its huge and instant success suggests it filled a need for parents and it may have helped Mayle to to France where he later wrote his lovely book 'A Year in Provence'.

  3. Yea right.. and the kids leaving their babies in the garbage definitely read books like these throughout their childhood.

  4. well i guess the only way malaysian kids will learn abt the birds and the bees is to take a look at the Choi Soi Lek Video…….

  5. I read the book when I was 8 years old.
    I have deep regrets…
    I regret I did not turn out to be sex-craving maniac who was exposed to obscenities at such a young age.
    I regret I did not keep my copy of Where Did I Come From way back.
    But then again, I wouldn't have much use for it now as the kids nowadays have seen much more obscene and explicit pictures and movies all easily available by the click of a mouse !!!

  6. Regarding what they’ve said, It was too obscene. Yes I quite agree with this. As a teen who already bare with my childhood (like everyone, duh). Not all people can accept this. I used to be like that too, As I grow bigger, I try to ease the conflict I got with sex. Some of the people really sensitive to this kind of matter, as it touch people privateyy parts. And some of people have the tendecy to hate sex, or easily aroused just by looking to that kind of pictures. You know. The statistics of pedophiles and rape case also rise highly. Concerning to the Malaysia community. I think this better to be banned. Rationaity come first. Bring peace not war.

  7. I remember when i was 6 years old….i asked my mother "mama…where did babies comes from" and my mum said " Babies comes from the stork" lol

    It's up to the parents to teach their child on sex education.Teaching them in the early age is not a bad thing.It's all about the birds and the bees.

  8. Actually, it was first published in 1974. I had it read to me in 1977. I've been sex-mad ever since. I blame this damn book.

  9. This book has what it takes to give children to learn what sex education is at an early age… but wait… Malaysian education also plan to have this sex education thing to be brought into school, did this book already do too much for them and thus banning it? Tsk tsk! Shame on you… shame on you!

  10. “the degree of obscenity inside the book was too much”
    Preposterous! This book is exactly what I'd let my kids read together with me when I'm explaining to them about sex, love, and reproduction.
    This is what happens when we have people who think they know everything and they're the only ones that are capable of constructive and progressive thought.

  11. Its a simple matter of the State not getting involved in things better left to the parent(s) to decide. If the parent is comfortable taking the child through the book or giving the book to the child, presumably they have made an assessment of the child's character and intelligence to appreciate the subject matter. Interestingly, in Holland, parents are not given the right to teach about sex as the State takes the view that teachers would be best equipped to do that job as they would have been trained to impart that knowledge to a child. Such is the importance of the subject in Holland.

  12. You only want to hide the truths, to protect the weak from being converted and provide the handicapped with walking sticks and wheelchairs but are these really doing any good for them ? In order to make them to become honest, more faithful stop treating them like retarded and have them face the real world ?

  13. i've read it before. it was written so sweetly. a great help to blushing parents when they explain sex to their kids

  14. Asians generally get flustered when they see themselves in the nude. Hence many have sex in the dark. So I guess some quarters still get a bit shocked when they see their naked selves represented in a children's book. What can I say except how else do we explain to kids how what works? Bring in the stork again? Use the "When you're older, you'll know" line? And let them find out, unsupervised, through porn sites? I'd rather tell them what they need to know myself and use reals terms. No 'wiener', no 'little birdie', basically no couched terms because we have official names for those appendages! If we take away the mystery and stop making a big fuss, then children won't cultivate negative attitudes towards the subject of sexual reproduction. MYy take, anyway :)

    1. WTF? "Asians generally get flustered when they see themselves in the nude. Hence many have sex in the dark"

      What kind of blanket statement is that?

      Maybe you get flustered looking at your own body and that's the reason YOU have sex in the dark – but I don't think Asians are any more flustered than any other race in that respect.

      1. Dude,

        Before you start reacting by being personal, do bear in mind that working in marketing, I've seen some data from focus groups done by clients on a regional level that reveal this. It's not a blanket statement because I did not say "ALL" Asians, but many. Asia's a pretty large place. It covers Muslim countries, too. Got it?

        1. yeah…many? how do you arrive at the conclusion of "many"? asian continent is so diverse and huge wth thousands of ethnicities living in a huge continent. which asians are your data talking about? have your clients data covered the whole asian region from the furthest south to the furthest north and from farthest east to farthest west? focus group? how many individuals were interviewed in this focus group? how many focus group interviews have been conducted? five thousand focus groups? is that representative of nearly 3.8 billion people living in asia? is this focus group really representatives of thousands of ethnic groups that you have in asia? what do you mean that it covers muslim country too? are you saying that muslims tend to have sex in the dark? yeah…everybody can say they are working in the marketing department and have seen so and so data. but where is the proof? nothing here is personal. its just about finding the truth. your statement is rather sweeping in nature without any empirical evidences. a mere hearsay.

    1. It's a charming book and really useful to use with kids when you know you need to explain sex to them but feel a bit shy or tongue-tied.

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