Daniel Ng 1980-2012 #LoyarBerkasih

Adrian Ng provides a tribute to a dearly departed friend who passed away recently.

Daniel Ng, VICCB Drum Major 1997

Masih ingat waktu sekolah dulu,
Berbincang tentang penerusan perjuangan kita itu,
Anda berkata anda No.1,
Tidak boleh pergi sahaja begitu,
Itulah kawan ku, Daniel Ng,
Victorian ku…

Anda pergi tanpa berkata temu,
Sungguh sedih tidak bersama untuk perjalanan terakhir mu,
Perjuangan yang kita harungi akan sentiasa bersama ku,
Anda tidak pernah pergi, tetap di hati ku,
Saya akan terus merindu,
Rehatlah kawan ku…

VICCB Batch of 1997

Our Australia adventure

I will always remember you

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Adrian is a confused accountant who has a heart of a Care Bear, lived in the Smurf Village, while defending the Universe like a Thunder Cat. He has deep interest and passion in civil society and has been contributing to the society through various channels and social activities. His other interest includes music, football, dancing, singing and travelling. He is a proud Anak Bangsa Malaysia and he tweets @AdrianNCF.

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5 Responses to Daniel Ng 1980-2012 #LoyarBerkasih

  1. Lisa Ng

    Sorry for your loss. :(

  2. Ryan Lai

    Worthy tribute from a loyal friend. Stay strong & healthy bro. It's what Daniel would've wanted.

    Ryan Lai.

  3. iqdham

    We will remember him forever!!RIP my friend!!

  4. Nice tribute Adrian. We will eternally walk along the corridors of glory