LoyarBocor: Court Order For #HamzaKashgari

The Home Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was reported on Monday 13 February 2012 to have said that there was no court order or injunction to prevent Hamza Kashgari to be sent back to Saudi Arabia.

Hang on, what’s this then?


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5 Responses to LoyarBocor: Court Order For #HamzaKashgari

  1. miezan

    just need to re confirm can a judge issue an order when the court are not in sessions i.e on sunday during the weekends and can a judge issue the order from her house not from her court or chambers.

  2. bukan loyar

    hey, I just have one question. Is it possible that the court issued an injunction or whatever, but the lawyers couldn't bring the papers to the relevant authority in time (before the journalist was deported?) How are court orders conveyed to other party usually?

  3. Nick.c

    It looks like a court order, It sounds like a court order, but it's not what the court ordered. /sarcasm

  4. Pepper Lim


  5. Lisa Ng

    By now, we should get into the practice of following what the politicos say and keeping track of what actually happens. GOOD. The truth reveals itself.