Malaysians, walking for the freedom to walk. | Photo by Marcus van Geyzel for LoyarBurok
Peaceful Malaysians taking a walk | Photo by Marcus van Geyzel for LoyarBurok

The Peaceful Assembly Bill has been passed amidst accusations of the Bar Council having a political agenda, “Bebas Himpun” twisted into “Seks Bebas”, and the burning of yellow T-shirts.

The Bill has been passed with “unholy haste” and our petitions, our marching, our twitterature has been ignored.

We proved that street demonstrations can be peaceful yet we are faced with the same excuses.

Tomorrow, we will be demonised in the papers as trouble makers, promoters of immorality and opposition puppets.

A week from now, we will be largely forgotten by the media, flooded over by a wave of other news.

Years from now, our children will not know what it means to stand in the street with fellow Malaysians, singing Negaraku, wet and teary eyed.

We now have less rights than the Burmese, the French, the Americans, and the Egyptians.

When does it stop?

Stop it now:

  • Name and shame the MPs who voted for the Bill.
  • Spreads the news! Tell your family, friends, colleagues.
  • The petitions are still up. It’s still not too late to keep pushing.
  • Think about your vote.
  • Follow the Bar Council‘s forums and discourse on it.
  • Write to the newspapers.
  • Join any future events.
  • Forward this.

I hope I did not take too much of your time. Thank you for reading, and please do spread the news.

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  1. You should try writing…….. you will have no other way other than this.
    You do have to have the logic… or may be in your probable view logistics ($$$$$$)?

  2. the government knows best , dont interfere government;s efforts. you have you vote , do the right thing.
    in any case do we need nasri in the cabinet.

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