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Calling ALL activist and those who are passionately fighting for the various rights.

Let us get together as RAKYAT Malaysia and join the #Walk4Freedom!

The PA Bill 2011 will affect all the causes we are fighting!

It simply denies us the freedom to assemble where we want and when we want to champion our causes… you can’t freely protest the environmental issues, or gather on Woman’s Day to fight for equal rights of woman, or to stop violence against woman, or to fight for electoral reform, or to let the voices of the indigenous people’s be heard, or to hear the plight of refugees, children and migrants, or the cries of those brutally abused by police and the list goes on….. For all the causes above you would need to apply for a permit and the process would “require a 10-day period so the police can negotiate with the local community to get their views”. This is subject to approval. Alternatively you could protest in “designated areas” such as stadiums. (we all remember Bersih and how it was denied Stadium Merdeka). *IMAGINE* : someone gets raped in your need to assemble to alert people about it to create awareness…you have to wait 10 days to apply for a permit etc…by then there might be another person raped. AND YES, the new PA Bill doesn’t have exceptions for this kind of assembly too!

Stripping the right to assemble strips away all our campaign rights!

Hartal! In 1947 Malaysian did Hartal ( a form of “civil disobedient” where the shops, businesses, offices, etc were closed for a the few hours and the people joined in the demonstration and then went back to work)…calling all Malaysian’s to join in the Walk 4 Freedom! Let us in SOLIDARITY exercise our right in the Federal Constitution (Article 10 : Freedom of Assembly)!


Walk4Freedom will be on 29th November 2011 @ 1130 am …LAKE CLUB…and we will walk at 1230pm to Parliament….

I am born to be a rebel with a cause and self proclaimed “ad-hoc” human rights activist. When there aren’t issues that ignite anger in me, I am busy being at DIVA with UndiMsia… I love talking...

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  1. That is the idea behind what Najib is trying to achieve and at the same time to impress the impress the people he is transforming. To begin with the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons have openly admitted that they have been doing so for the past so many decades and at the same time Najib is trying to impress the world that he is leading a transformation especially within the country to avoid the arrival of the Arab Spring.
    Yet the grand son of the pariah from Kerala is saying that the Arab Spring wouldn't reach Malaysia because the government is listening to the people. If they do they would have legislations to impede them from holding rally lest that might lead to an uprising. Regardless, just come up and vote them out of Putrajaya in the next GE and above all make sure the shenanigan Mahathir ,all his children and his cronies are indicted and the wealth that they stole from the country be sized back.

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