MyPemimpin2011 has recently launched its online debate portal.

Its aim is to get Malaysians to reason things out instead of just ranting when it comes to policy-making.

At the moment, a sample debate is taking place to test out the system and ensure it runs well. You can view the sample debate on MyPemimpin’s website.

We intend to run two debates per month. Each debate will go on for a week. Participants make their points or rebuttals within the first six days, and results will be released on the seventh day.

Listed below are some of our proposed motions:

  1. This house believes that immigration is endangering Malaysian society
  2. This house believes that the Internet is making Malaysian journalism better
  3. This house believes that Malaysia would be better off with nuclear power
  4. This house believes teaching maths and science is the best way to stimulate future innovation
  5. This house believes that football betting should be legalised.
  6. This house believes Malaysians can survive without fuel subsidies.
  7. This house believes that the Lynas project is a must for Malaysia
  8. This house will subsidize all eco-friendly cars for the Malaysian market
  9. This house believes that full-time students should take part in compulsory charity work
  10. This house would lower the voting age to 18
  11. This house would support the use of corporal punishment
  12. This house believes that Malaysia should regulate the Internet
  13. This house would introduce environmental awareness as a compulsory subject in Malaysian schools
  14. This house supports the implementation of compulsory morning exercise for all government servants

Should you be interested in joining the debates, please drop an email to [email protected]. Indicate the motion in which you are interested, and whether you would like to debate for or against the chosen topic.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and we look forward to having you!


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