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Looking for a place to hold a forum? A film screening? Or perhaps a group meditative session to raise funds for those who suffer from Attention Deficiency Disease? Look no further. The Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok is open for those who want to promote an insatiable appetite for learning, creativity, peace and love. Monkeying around is permitted as long as social (and errmm..toilet) etiquette is being strictly observed.

To find out more, here are the official guidelines on how to book and host your events at the Pusat Rakyat. See map for directions.


Guidelines for Use

1. Introduction

2. Facilities at a glance

3. Availability

4. Hours

5. Compulsory Donation

6. Reservation Policy

7. General Rules andRegulations

8. General Legal Thingamajiggies


3-4, 4th Floor, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, 59000 Kuala Lumpur (behind Bangsar LRT station)


03-2201 1454


[email protected]

Guidelines for Use of Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok

1. Introduction

The Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok (PRLB) is a community centre run by the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR). PRLB is open to Homo Sapiens (or higher i.e. Homo Superior like the X-Men), all species of simian and civil society organisations who wish to use the space for meetings, activities or events that support, promote or enhance the mission and spirit of MCCHR.

MCCHR’s mission is to promote and protect human rights in Malaysia in accordance with established international rights principles, treaties and law by maximising the use of all appropriate tools (yes, kiasu-ism is not uniquely Singaporean) through integrated and community-based approach. We also like to party and do other fun stuff. Serious.

PRLB’s main purpose is to provide a conducive and safe space for youth (don’t worry, old flers are also welcome-lah) to engage constructively, discuss and educate themselves (and others) about civil, political, economic, social and cultural issues. It also seeks to provide a platform for other beneficial rakyat-orientated activities such as parties and other fun stuff. I know we sound stuffy here, but we are serious about the fun stuff.

If you do not agree with, or find none of these terms the least bit funny, then PRLB is not the place for you. To the rest of you, on behalf of His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo, our revered leader the Wonder Typewriting Monkey who exists solely in cyberspace, we bid you a warm, furry-monkey welcome.

2. Facilities at a glance

PRLB has an open-space with solid wood flooring, which is ideal for workshops, trainings, film screenings, arts/photos exhibitions, book readings and other open events. PRLB has even hosted sumo matches (not a joke). Dodgeball tournaments and seppuku however are discouraged.

There is also a Resource Centre cum Reading Room filled with all sorts of reading materials suitable for the discerning intellectual monkey/human.

PRLB can accommodate 50 people comfortably, but can host up to about 200 people depending on how the space is set up and laid out, and how… erm… how shall we put it… depending on the personal-space-requirements of the individual attendees. The International Sumo Wrestlers Association meeting may only be able to squeeze in ten of its members.There are one washroom and a merchandise area for the display and sales of LoyarBurok publications and exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts, button badges, bookmarks, notebooks and stickers.

List of facilities and equipment:

– 3 air conditioners

– 1 portable LED projector (bring your own laptop)

– 1 wall-mounted white board

– 1 wall-painted chalk board

– 1 television

– 1 DVD player (ahem, local DVD friendly)

– 6 foldable tables (150cm x 70cm)

– 20 swivel chairs

– 2 non-swivelling chairs

– 2 chairs with arm rests

– 1 coffee table

– 2 desktop computers (in the resource centre)

– 1 photocopy machine

– Wi-fi internet connection

– 1 portable sound system (with 2 speaker stands & 2 microphones)

– 2 microphone stands

3. Availability

Priority will be given to LoyarBurok and MCCHR-organised or related events. If your event is related to or promotes UndiMsia! you can use the place for free. Otherwise, PRLB is available for booking on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Simians, and other parties who offer offerings of purple bananas, will be given priority.

MCCHR encourages the organiser to publicise his/her event widely to ensure greater participation from the target group/public. This will help us to optimise the use of the centre’s resources.

PRLB is not available for private receptions, parties, or meetings which are commercial in nature i.e. using the centre to hold meetings to solicit business, employees or to sell items.

PRLB is not available to any groups that engages in or advocates any discriminatory practice(s), violence, or hate speeches, or anything that contravenes international human rights principles and standards. PRLB also has a strict policy of not allowing its space to be used for airing pornography unless it is award winning and tasteful material.

The final determination for use of the centre is entirely at the discretion of the MCCHR Chief Executive Minion (CEM). MCCHR reserves the right to deny requests, cancel or end any scheduled event, if deemed inappropriate by the CEM. The use of PRLB does not constitute an endorsement of or affiliation with any group or individual by the MCCHR. But, MCCHR believes in building relationships and staying connected with those who participate in activities held at PRLB. As such, MCCHR encourages participants to sign the guestbook.

4. Hours

PRLB is open for events from Monday to Sunday, 9am–11pm. PRLB may be closed for repairs, renovation or cleaning purposes, or the CEM needs go shopping, watch a movie, or skive off (not that the CEM skives off, ever… cough). Those who are scheduled to use PRLB may set up earlier (only on weekdays from 9am to 5pm) if it is not being used by someone else.

5. Compulsory Donation

Yes, there is such a thing as compulsory donations. Serious.

For non-profit groups, MCCHR requires a donation of RM100/half day and RM200/full day upon booking. For events that require substantial amount of electricity; e.g. amplifier, sound system, music instruments, MCCHR may ask for additional RM50 donation.

For other groups, MCCHR requires a donation of RM300/half day and RM600/full day upon booking.

For rental of equipment; sound system, projector, an additional RM100 for non-profit entities and RM200 for other groups will be charged.

All donations go towards the cost of electricity, water and maintenance.

The CEM has the discretion to waive the required donation. The exercise of the CEM’s discretion cannot be appealed against or complained about. However, if you do want to have a whinge about it, do send in a letter via email, and we will print it out and display it on our stingy buggers’ hall of infamy. On a serious note, if you have good reasons why you should be exempted, please make these known to the CEM. (Hint: The MCCHR is very sympathetic to students, indigenous peoples, children, simians, refugees, and those with special needs – being a Liverpool fan in need of a trophy is not a special need.)

A refundable security deposit of RM150 for non-profit groups and RM300 for other groups will be applied to all events. We can forfeit the security deposit if you fail to comply with the general rules and regulations in item 7.

The security deposit and fees will be returned if your event is cancelled.

Donations can be given via cash, direct bank transfer or cheque to the following Maybank account:

Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd

Account no.: 5127 6310 8627

6. Reservation Policy

Anyone intending to use the PRLB must submit a booking form which can be downloaded here. Completed forms must be submitted at least 3 days in advance of the event by hand/email/post/fax.

7. General Rules and Regulations

a. All guests must sign the PRLB guestbook. They will be added onto the UndiMalaysia! e-group to keep them in the loop.

b. No footwear is permitted. Smelly feet are discouraged.

c. Smoking is not permitted including at the entrance unless you’re smoking hot.

d. Food and drinks are generally not permitted unless the organiser bears the responsibility and cost of cleaning up and disposing of any food, drinks, and related items. All perishables must be cleared on the same day.

e. The organiser is responsible for promoting his/her event. The promotion material can be uploaded onto LoyarBurok will provide the organiser access to website for self-upload.

f. The organiser must be present during the duration of the event and will be held responsible for the conduct of guests.

g. The organiser will be responsible for cleaning-up and removal of all decorations or properties belonging to the organiser following the event.

h. The organiser must return all items which have been moved to their original positions.

i. Keep the washroom clean. Guys, try to aim at the toilet hole please. It’s not that difficult considering how big the hole actually is.

j. The use of nails, screws, tacks, and tapes are prohibited on the walls, ceiling or other surfaces unless permitted by the CEM. The use of nails, screws, tacks, and tape are prohibited on humans, no matter what that crazy CEM may say. Please be advised MCCHR are aware of all jokes about screws, nails, and screwdrivers, so it is futile to attempt them.

k. Tea lights/candles must be used with extreme caution. Mere caution will not suffice.

l. MCCHR is not responsible for any equipment or other belongings left at PRLB by the organiser and/or any guests. We’re just providing the space, capiche?

m. In the absence of MCCHR staff/intern, payment for merchandise must be deposited into the donation box placed at the merchandise area. Unless the purchaser has the exact amount, any change will be considered as a donation to PRLB (thanks in advance!).

n. All lights and air-conditioners must be switched off at the end of the event.

o. The organiser must ensure that the two locks on the main entrance door are locked when the last person leaves. (Lock the door on the ground floor if it’s after 6pm.)

p. The security deposit will only be returned once the CEM is satisfied with the condition of PRLB, and any keys belonging to PRLB are returned.

8. General Legal Thingamajiggies

a. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions or out of your use of PRLB will be resolved exclusively by arbitration under ICC Rules in Switzerland or the Bahamas by a quorum of 3 affordably priced human rights activists. Proceedings are to be conducted in Kelantanese Malay.

b. Before commencing any form of legal action whatsoever, you agree that whether you win or lose, you will pay for the legal fees and travel expenses to/from Malaysia of the MCCHR, its directors, shareholders, and random friends, to enable them to be present at the above tribunals. You will also pay for a new wardrobe for each of these individuals because, hey, one needs to look good at these arbitration hearings.

c. If you do insist on going to court, the dispute can be heard in a Malaysian court. But be warned, Lord Bobo knows many extremely talented, good-looking, and expensive lawyers. And some gangsters. Just sayin’.

d. There is no cap on the amount of fun you can have at the PRLB as long as you comply with the guidelines. However, if it super fun, invite the CEM and her minions-lah! The more the merrier. Serious.


Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) is a non-profit based in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of promoting active democratic participation and human rights awareness.

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  1. k-citizen, unfortunately our centre is not accessible by wheelchair at the moment. We've just started up not too long ago and cost is a factor that limits us from setting up a centre which will accommodate anyone, including the disabled. However, we note the importance of providing such facility and plan to choose a more suitable building once we're financially able.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Is the Pusat Rakyat LB accessible by persons on wheelchair / physically disabled? Thanks!

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