Hundreds on the beach.

Photos from the Himpunan Hijau 109 (Green Solidarity 109) gathering in Taman Gelora, Kuantan on 9 October 2011. All photos taken by LoyarBurokker June Rubis, and reproduced from June’s Twitter feed. The photo captions are the tweets that accompanied the photos on Twitter.

Orang Asli for Himpunan Hijau.
Indian traditional drummers at Himpunan Hijau.
Made friends with the police. (Ed: June's on the left)
Sat on the beach.
Listened to drumming from Malay, Chinese, and Indian drummers.
Cyclists against Lynas.
The Bar Council came out to observe.
Hundreds on the beach.
Najib and Rosmah showed up.
Police cordoned us off.
Badar now speaking, asking for good development for future generations.
People brought their kids.
Save our children.
Police moving in.
Boss is daughter of ex police chief; not scared of police.
FRU brought guns.
Makciks against Lynas.
Socialists support.
SB outed.
Loud cheers when police backed off.
It's over, but the drums will continue to beat on.
Orang Sabah in support of Himpunan Hijau.
Australian MP Robin Chapelle.


In another lifetime, June was a field biologist, searching for orang utans in the wild. She still dreams of living in the forests.

4 replies on “In Pictures: Himpunan Hijau 109”

  1. Robert – you are right. The police actually looked scared.. the FRU boys were just that.. boys.. My boss went over to thank the police for being there!

    Pepper – thanks!

  2. Looking at the faces on some of these police officers on duty, you could more or less guess that some of their home towns/kampong or relatives/friends are from the affected areas. I think the best solution to prove that the Lynas project is not a "long term health risk and slow death" FDI business is for any and all families members of the BN Cabinet to live and stay in Kuantan. This way, trust and respect will return to the BN leadership without question.

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