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Time for a Make Over, Malaysia.

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Every year 31st August we see hypocrites celebrate and shout “Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka” and pleading with Malaysians to raise the national flag. On that day, everything done and talked about are referred as united Malaysians or Malaysia and lately 1Malaysia. What do all these mean? What happened to the remaining 364 days?

Can our present leaders speak on the same ‘language’ tone to all rakyat. By ‘language’, I mean to define everything as Malaysians and not a different ‘language’ tone to different community. But wait, they can’t. It would be political suicide. And if that is the case, how then will we to move forward as Malaysians to become a developed nation by 2020?

We are still so divided by race and religion and yet our leaders are so proud to preach to the whole world of how Malaysia lives in harmony as a multi racial society.

Malaysia needs a make over for a complete new set of leaders, irrespective of which political party they are from. We can no longer afford to have leaders that are racist, corrupt, protectionist and self indulgent.

Malaysians must start to talk, walk, eat and sleep like a true Malaysian. We must not be agitated and emotional each time we talk about religion or race. We must come to terms that respect for each other as Malaysians and not segregated by race and religion would be the only way heading towards a united and peaceful nation.

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I have said it before and so have others, that once a political party is elected to govern, they must settled in to serve and perform their duties as government officials and not as party leaders.

We cannot have a PM and Ministers who only love all Malaysians and make all sorts of promises when elections are around the corner. What we need is a true blood Malaysian PM who cares for all, transparent in all dealings, decisive and firm in decision making without fear or favor.

It is now up to the younger generation to make the right decisions so as to elect a government that they know will do the job.

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It is my hope that one day we can really see each other as Malaysians, not by race or religion and for this to happen, we need to elect in a true ‘Malaysian First’ leaders.

This post is a tribute to the following groups for their sacrifice and hard work for bringing awareness to the general public as to how good governance should be, based on democratic system, the Federal Constitution, Freedom and Rights:-

  1. Undi Msia!;
  2. Loyar Burok;
  3. Perlembagaanku;
  4. Bersih; and
  5. Generasi Bersih.

A retired 60-year old trying to do and help to make a possible change for a better Malaysia.

3 replies on “Malaysia Needs a ‘Make Over’”

  1. A true Malaysia is a Malaysian that is equally the same to everyone…vulnerable and poor with no constitutional protection . So that the other Malaysian that is rich can easily use the poor Malaysian to be their slaves…well at least we can see that here in this country as the 'tokeh' keeps making money by dominating the economy…

  2. "Malaysians must start to talk, walk, eat and sleep like a true Malaysian."

    What do you mean by "true Malaysian"?

    A "racist" Malaysian is as Malaysian as a "oh-i-love-roti canai-char koay teow-nasi lemak" Malaysian.

  3. Let's say the R word…. Malaysia missed out in 1998 when Indonesia underwent its Reformasi and overthrew the parasitic Suharto regime. Mahathir managed to snuff out any possibility of genuine reform by imprisoning Anwar Ibrahim for a total of15 years (reduced to 6 when the sodomy charge was withdrawn). This time around we can't avoid it. We have to undergo our own Reformasi before anything will actually change for the better.

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