This article was featured in LoyarBurok’s monthly column, “The Monkeysuit Protocol” in August Man magazine’s August 2011 edition. (Click here to view the PDF file.)

From this month, August Man introduces a new monthly column that seeks to educate you on your basic rights. The forces behind this column are the prolific voices behind the blog LoyarBurok. They commence with an introduction of what they are all about.

Ye shall know our allegiance by the mark on our chest; that of a robed simian wearing a barrister swig. We number in the hundreds. But soon, we’ll be legion. We recite our own mantras – beseeching you to “Liberavi Animam Meam! (I Have Freed My Spirit!)”.

We call ourselves ‘minions’ and amongst us you’ll find the young and the ageless, the careful and the fearless. [Mantra: “Be inclusive.”] We are environmentalists, journalists, bankers, bums, retirees, former judges, public servants, students, and even lawyers. [Mantra: “You don t have to be a lawyer to join LoyarBurok.”]

We draw inspiration from a simian who exists solely in cyberspace and reverently address him as His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo Barnabus – the Wonder Typewriting Monkey (

Clad in our battlegear (the limited edition ONLY tee) we all assume the nom de guerre LoyarBurokker. We’re on the side of Right fighting against oppression and injustice in Malaysia. Those of us who wield the mighty pen challenge minds through the website we call the ONLY blawg, From a collection of articles by our founding minions that numbered only six in 2006, the blawg now boasts over 1,250 articles (and counting) by writers that number more than 250. We believe in freedom of expression, and LoyarBurok is the ONLY place in Malaysia you can find such diverse, cutting-edge, and uncensored views.


LoyarBurok came of age in 2009 with the unfolding of the Perak Constitutional crisis, as intense media coverage generated a lot of public interest in the fiasco. The public was curious and hungry to learn about constitutional legalese. A few of us minions who were involved in the actual court proceedings, responded by posting articles on the blawg explaining and sharing our personal views on the issues involved.

Those articles and a selection of the readers’ comments were compiled and published in 2010 as a book, Perak: A State of Crisis. The first print-run sold out within a month, and the second print-run is available in all major bookstores.


In March 2011, LoyarBurok reached another milestone with the establishment of the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights (MCCHR) which we minions fondly call the ‘LoyarBurok Rakyat Centre’. It’s at the LoyarBurok Rakyat Centre that new gadgets, programmes and tools are invented, tested and used to educate and train lawyers, activists and ordinary citizens; arming them with resources needed to empower themselves about the Malaysian Federal Constitution and basic human rights.

The Centre is located at 3-4, 4th Floor, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, 59000 Kuala Lumpur and can be contacted via telephone at +603 22011454, or email at [email protected].


UndiMalaysia! is LoyarBurok’s answer to educate voters. LoyarBurok’s non-partisan, but we do love a party, son. This forthcoming voter education programme aims to teach voters how to spot and nip a dirty politician in the bud.

Through UndiMalaysia! we’ll create awareness amongst the citizenry with relevant information and issues you should consider before deciding who and why your vote should go to someone or a party to represent you.

We want you to understand how our political system and government function, and how to keep your public servants clean and accountable. We’re going beyond voter registration. We’ re returning value to your vote!


LoyarBurok’s Monkeysuit Protocol will be releasing an exclusive barrage of irreverent articles in the coming months to enlighten August Man readers about the law.

Here is a sneak peek at what s in store:

• How to be a Constitutional Malay.

• How to lodge a police report.

• What to do when you re caught in a raid.

• How to harass your MP.

• How to have sex in risky locations without breaking the law.

• How to talk like a lawyer.

• How to sue the bastard.

But back to YOU – What’s your weapon of choice? Will you join our ranks, stand up and make a difference? Or will you turn the page and complain another day?



The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because...

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  1. Q: What is louder than a judges gavel?
    A: The sound of the chain cutter cutting the chains when the prisoner is escaping.

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