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3 replies on “Mat Sabu opens a can of worms…”

  1. Should read the massacre at Batang Kali,1948 by British army.If Malaya is not a British colony,Malaya should compensiate the victims and the hearing should begin now.If Tanah Melayu has never been colonised get back Patani handed over by British to Siam

  2. Charlie Oscar …. go and get your award in coming UMNgok General Assembly. Ask Hisamudin to poke his Keris in your butt where your brain might be. Typical MCA aka PornMCA or Oyster Gerakan member.

  3. Johnny Ong,
    How can Mat Sabu open a can of worms when these are Historical facts!!!
    For his Stupidity, He is now fighting Teeth & Claws!!!
    Please Don't be Blinded by your Support!!!
    Read & Blog With An Open Mind!!!

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