Amidst raging objections that have embarrassed the Malaysian and Australian governments, the human swap deal between the two countries are still shrouded in secrecy. In Malaysia where almost every official document is a classified “official secret” intended to shut out debate, activists are wondering what the two governments have actually agreed to.

It is unclear if these are the documents (Agreement and Operational Guidelines) that have been signed and are now the subject of scrutiny by Australia’s highest court. But it gives us an insight into the nature of the arrangements between the countries. Both governments are urged to make public full details of their agreement immediately.

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  1. I think Australia is big enough in land and heart to keep all the people who want to make Australia their home and spend the money they are talking about on settling them in and helping them get a new start for themselves and their families. I heard someone on the radio yesterday suggest that the best way of putting people smugglers out of business would be to send Australian ships to Indonesia and pick up the refugees and bring them over safely. Ideally I would support all refugees who would like to do it, to be given the chance to be highly educated and trained in Australia in all forms of regional development and provision of human needs, then finance them to return to their original countries and help their own people to improve their living standards and chances in life.

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