Personally, I shy away from any form of article of clothing which promotes a particular cause or organization. This is simply because wearing any form of article of clothing more often than not, immediately brands you to the stands of the organization which designed that article of clothing, especially so from an outsider’s perspective. I believe that our choice of attire is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. For example, if I were to wear a WWF shirt, it would be natural to assume that I support the ideologies and beliefs of WWF. Similarly, if I were to wear a Manchester United jersey, you would also think that I was a Manchester United fan (I am by the way).

Hence, what would entice me to wear an article of clothing EVEN IF I am neutral/non-supportive to the stands of that organization or cause? Simply put, a good and eye-catching design. And the LoyarBurok shirt is a prime example of that. I have to admit that even before I knew anything about LoyarBurok, first and foremost — I wanted the shirt (and I still do).

June from LoyarBurok | Source: LoyarBurok

Cheeky and unconventionally cool, obtrusive and bold.

It’s the LoyarBurok logo which stands out the most, what’s not to like about a very jovial looking monkey with a wig? Throw in bits of vivid red and it’s a clear winner in terms of colour combination — black, red and white works all the time. Details also include the matching red sleeve cuffs and neckline giving it a polished finish. Not forgetting of course the line printed at the back, “All hail Lord Bobo.” Best of all, we ladies have a flattering baby-Tee cut! (I like it snug).

All in all, it’s in-your-face done with tact.

And there we have it, all the right ingredients (awesome cutting, breathable stretchy cotton material, and a graphic that gets attention) that’s still haunting me to get a LoyarBurok shirt since the first time I saw it. It would be even more meaningful now that I personally know what LoyarBurok stands for. I imagine in the future: with the shirt donned on matched with highwaist shorts, a vintage sling bag, and cherry-red Rubi flats; I can solemnly say to those who ask, “I am indeed at Lord Bobo’s servitude.

Get in touch with any of the LoyarBurok-ers to get your hands on one yourself. ;)

Aspiring human rights lawyer. Still planning that revolution.

5 replies on “Why I Want a LoyarBurok Shirt”

  1. I think I saw that CHIC in 1 of the the SPA last week during 'Chew Keng' session.

  2. Sha-Lyn Xash,

    Nice SHIRT though but I think you will look better without anything on.

  3. My door will always be very open if you decide to start a legal career in KL. Would be so refreshing to have such a gorgeously talented lady like you as a partner.

    1. Mike, I think you are fantasizing of a OFFICE affair. The after hours BANG, BANG, BANG…u know??? Hehehehehe……dirty fella but I wouldn't mind too.

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