A letter to The Star.

I refer to the article “MCA: PAS Showing True Colours” (Star, 15 July). I fully agree with Datuk Chor that PAS-led Kedah government should not ban entertainment outlets from operating during Ramadan.

My concern, from reading the article, is that MCA’s rhetoric is centered on this being a “Chinese or non-Muslim” issue. For example, Datuk Chor asks: “why DAP (a predominantly Chinese based party) was not warding off PAS’ policies to protect the rights of Chinese who voted for them.” And Penang MCA Secretary Lau Chiek Tuan says: “…besides the ban infringing on non-Muslim rights…”

This is not just an issue which affects Chinese or non-Muslim rights, or the economic welfare of karaoke and snooker centre owners. It is an important issue that should concern all Malaysians, as it is an attack on the fundamental principal of separation between the church/mosque and state. Former Lord President Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas, in the case of Che Omar bin Che Soh v Public Prosecutor (1988), stated that “… the law in this country is…  secular law.”

This may be an extremely sensitive issue, but perhaps it is time we deal with it as a matured nation, before it gets out of hand.

Without going into the legality of the issue, suffice to say I am of the view that the Kedah State government has no legal right to ban entertainment outlets from operating during Ramadan, and its administrative decision should be subject to judicial review.

Not only DAP — but UMNO, MIC, PKR and all other political parties and civil society groups should take up the cudgels and urge the Kedah State government to change its stance.

Even if the banning of entertainment outlets from operating during Ramadan is legal, I am of the view that it is an ineffective policy. Those of the Muslim faith minded to seek such entertainment, need only drive over to Penang or Golok.

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  1. It is true that currently malaysian law is somewhat secular but constitution did provide an avenue by saying the religion of the federation is Islam.To Islam everything is governed by Allah ,day to day life up to law n order.This provision should allow them to practise their religion including all laws but only limited to them so that they would not trample other religious freedom.The rest we only need to sort out the issue that criss-cross in between religion/race.that is why we are created differently so that we can learn from each other and have mercy as a creation of Allah.

  2. Who is talking? MCA N Gerakan has no moral authority to talk as they were the slaves to UMNO. these 2 parties were part of BN that allowed UMNO to destroy this nation . here are corruption is rife , this is malaysiasome of the facts- Millios of illegals are on our shores n roaming freely. how did these illegals walk in so freely. massive corruption as in PKFZ billion dollar scandal, Sand stealing in johor as reported in star> . our education system is in a big mess n so is our economy. MAS lose billions n SIA ,makes billions< WHY? as LEE KUAN YEW said- we must have competent n clean leaders to run the country. National n citizens interests comes first, In malaysia self n personal interests comes first,

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