To All LoyarBurokkers: A Message From Across The Seas

An email which Lord Bobo recently received from Ana Gella Opong, from the Philippines.


Dear Lord Bobo,

I salute you for launching UndiMalaysia! Reading about the baby steps of your new project, for me, is like a trip down to memory lane. You see  10 years ago, we have also started a project similar to your own. We call it the First Time Voters Project.

It was, and still continues to be, the flagship program of voters education and registration among the youth in the Philippines. Seeing you move towards a more educated voting populace makes me realise that the problem of tarnished electoral processes and black propaganda infused-campaigns are problems not of the Philippines alone, but of the region and of the world, as well.

6 years ago, former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo became the President for the second time by 3 Million votes. Disenfranchised Filipino youth then were 19 Million. Of course, this was a blow to FTV. But it also meant there are 19 Million more young minds we can convince and empower. Last year, the youth played a major role in the elections.

We are now living in a less corrupt country with a government headed by a President who actually listens to his people. I would like to believe that FTV is instrumental for this change. With the help of other NGOs, CSOs and government offices, we are now able to experience democracy, a government for the people.

Forgive me Lord Bobo, I talk too much about our own program. But my hopes is that you will be able to change Malaysia, as we did with the Philippines.

We have been in the movement for a decade and can be considered your “older brothers and sisters” and yet you have something that we lack. You have lawyers among you. They will be great assets to you. This is your edge over us. Compared to our doe-eyed 19-year old “founders” then, you are far more knowledgeable than us. What we had to learn on the road during campaigns, you learned in school.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to change Malaysia, as we did the Philippines, in due time.

Until next time, Lord Bobo. Remember, this “fight” is not yours alone.

Know that we will be applauding your every step from our own little archipelago across the seas.

In Service,


National Youth Commission, Office of the President

Malacanang Palace, Manila City, Philippines

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