P223 Syahredzan Johan (Let's Go Parti) vs Azmyl Yunor (Parti All Nite Long)


P223 Syahredzan Johan (Let's Go Parti) vs Azmyl Yunor (Parti All Nite Long)
Azmyl (Parti All Nite Long) vs Syah (Let's Go Parti)


Will it be LET’S GO PARTI‘s candidate, the suave Bar Council Committee member, human rights lawyer & defender of defaming tweets, Syahredzan Johan?

Or PARTI ALL NITE LONG‘s candidate, the down-to-earth lecturer, folk singer and working class hero, Azmyl Yunor?

What are their views on issues such as Freedom of Expression, education & housing?

Only YOU can decide who will win!

UndiMalaysia! brings you LIVE Election Edutainment! Come watch LET’S GO PARTI battle it out with PARTI ALL NITE LONG!

Let’s Go Parti vs Parti All Nite Long!

Presented by UndiMalaysia!
Sun 19 Jun, 2011, 6pm
(Campaigning starts from 12pm to 6pm)
Admission free

The Annexe Gallery By-Election will take place this Sun 19 June 2011. The seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent MP Datuk Dr Like To Grab who suffered withdrawal symptoms from due to Arts For Grabs March 2011 not happening and eventually died of a heart attack. The much-loved arts bazaar failed to take place for still unknown reasons and was the cause of the deaths and mental breakdowns for many other Malaysians over the last few months. The Health Ministry recently announced its relief following the confirmation of the next Arts For Grabs this June. Meanwhile, Police are on the lookout for Mr Pang Khee Teik, the gallery’s Arts Programme Director who has been AWOL since investigations began.

The Annexe Gallery, measuring approximately 5000 sq. ft., attracts over 2000 voters during Arts For Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest. Winning the Annexe Gallery is crucial for both parties. Due to its strategic location (neighbouring landmarks include Central Market, The Malaysian Bar Council, and Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodle Shop), the gallery fetches consistent rental income; and serves as an ideal spot for hobnobbing with the middle classes, hipsters and artistically-inclined activists. As such, extremely aggressive campaigning is expected.


SCHEDULE: Sun 19 June 2011

12pm-6pm: Campaigning at UndiMalaysia!‘s booth, come to the booth to pick up info about the candidates. You can also submit questions for the candidates which will be addressed at the debate later on.

6.10pm-6.30pm: Speeches by candidates.

6.30pm-7.10pm: Candidates sit down with moderator and election monitor Wong Chin-Huat, take questions, start debate on issues.

7.10pm-7.20pm: YOU question and vote.

7.20-8pm: Zain and Edmund talk about UndiMalaysia! and its voter education initiatives.

8pm: Winning candidate announced!


In conjunction with Art For Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest 2011

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4 replies on “19 June 2011: Pilihanraya Kecil P223 Annexe Gallery, Azmyl vs Syah, Undilah!”

  1. Azmyl could have won based on a number of factors:
    -the underdog
    -pandering to the crowd
    -his fan base
    -the way our campaign team engaged the crowd during the day
    -the smear campaign

  2. Dear friends

    Thank you to everyone who attended, supported and voted! And especially to the two protagonists and their campaign teams.

    It was an awesome event and attracted many new to what we are attempting to do.

    Please drop us your details at [email protected] for us to keep you in the loop, as well as for you to see where you can help us with our work.

    Our FB page is here: http://www.facebook.com/UndiMalaysia

    Check us out and move with us!

    The UndiMalaysia! Team

  3. UMNO apartheid kakis and their BN lapdogs should NEVER be voted into power EVER again, only MPs of any race who believe in the below deserve our vote :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism

    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.

    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    If these MPs do not exist, run for candidacy. And avoid nepotists and oligarchs of Pakatan also. MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP etc.. drop out of BN this GE13 and make a stand against APARTHEID, the people will forgive you enough to deal with corruption in GE14.

    Finally, AVOID all RICH or self serving MPs or candidates like the plague. They do not write policy for anyone but themselves, init Mr. 750K Funeral?

  4. My manifesto for P223 Annexe Gallery:


    Move towards self-sustainability so that we do not have to rely on importation of food and we will less dictated by global food prices.

    Subsidies will be given to producers in order to lower the costs of production – these lowered costs can be passed along to consumers.


    Property prices are artificially inflated and do not reflect real demand. First-time home buyers find it difficult to find decent, affordable houses. Prices need to be regularized to reflect real demand.

    In order to help first-time home buyers, they will be given a reduction or outright exemption on their stamp duties depending on the purchase price of the property.

    For those with more than two properties in their name, any additional purchase will attract a new tax, the rate of which will increase with each purchase of new property (5% for the third and fourth property, 6% for the next two and so on).

    A new low cost housing scheme will be introduced for those below the poverty line. They will be eligible for low cost houses for free for a fixed period of time. Upon the expiry of the period, they will need to re-apply to continue to enjoy the scheme.

    Those willing to pay a minimal ‘rent’ for their property will be eligible to transfer the property onto their name after a certain period.

    There will not be a national poverty line but a poverty line for each region, to reflect the socio-economic differences of the various regions in the country.


    Water management will be nationalized.

    Water tariff will be fixed not for profit but only to cover the cost of management.

    A statutory body – National Water Board (Lembaga Air Kebangsaan (AIR)) will be set up to manage water. It will be placed under the direct purview of Parliament.

    Any increase in water tariff must be brought to Parliament and passed by both Houses.


    The problem with public healthcare is not that the cost is too high, but because there is a sharp difference between the quality of public and private healthcare.

    The quality of the infrastructure, services and facilities of public hospitals and clinics will undergo substantial improvements.

    Healthcare staff will need to undergo training in order to improve the delivery of service to patients.

    People will be encouraged to take up at least one health insurance to cover their health needs.

    A national insurance scheme will be introduced to provide affordable health insurance to the people.

    Freedom of speech and expression

    Advocate a return to the provisions of Article 10(1)(a) of the Federal Constitution. People will be encouraged to speak up.

    Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA) will be abolished. No more requirements to obtain permits for publications.

    A National Media Council (Majlis Media Kebangsaan) will be set up to hold the media accountable and promote press freedom. It receives public complaints and either act as a mediator and also has powers to censure the offending media after a public hearing.

    Sedition Act will be abolished.

    The offences relating to criminal defamation in Part XXI of the Penal Code will be abolished. Defamation will remain in the realm of civil wrongs and not offences against the State.

    The Internal Security Act will be abolished.

    The scope of offences in the Communications and Multimedia Act that is too wide, such as Section 233 will be tightened.

    Freedom of Information Act will be introduced, modelled after the UK’s Act. It gives the people the ‘right to know’ in relation to public bodies. The Official Secrets Act will be abolished.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) will be made as part of the country’s laws with the enactment of a Human Rights Act. Courts will have powers to act on any acts or decisions of any public body that is inconsistent with provisions of the UDHR. All ouster clauses in legislation will be ousted.

    Government budget in terms of education

    Free education for all up to Form 6.

    A commission will be set up to review the current education system.

    Increased allocation for government scholarships.

    Government scholarships will be means-based, not purely merit-based. Outstanding results will not guarantee a scholarship. Must undergo means test. Scholarship to those who need it.

    Scholarships will not be based on SPM results but on foundation-level results, until education system is revamped.

    There are too many public universities. Some will gradually be closed down and the budget will be used to improve the remaining universities. Universities will be given KPI to improve their world ranking every year.

    Substantial government budget will be allocated for the next five years to improve the standard of public universities. Arts, culture and politics will be encouraged and allowed to flourish.


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