A solution to end all Racism?

Perhaps THIS is the secret to combating racism: Allow offensive remarks to be countered by equally (not more) offensive and FUNNY retort.

A funny, and some might consider racist video from a UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) political science student has recently been the talk of the internet. The original video had been removed by the girl, but as with all things on the Net, once it’s up, it’s there forever.

In it, she, a white American, complains about Asian students. It lasts all of 2.52 minutes.

Was it funny? Yes.

Was it racist? Probably.

Why don’t you see it for yourself first – Re-Post: Asians in the Library – UCLA Girl going wild on Asians, then come back to finish reading this.

Now, obviously, the talking heads had to analyze the issue and give their pearls of wisdom. Here’s from the New York Times, U.C.L.A. Student’s Video Rant Against Asians Fuels Firestorm, The Nation, FIRE, Alexandra Wallace, and Defending Offensive Speech, and San Francisco Chronicle, High price to be paid for controversial social-media mishaps. Very reasoned and fair comments. No doubt about that.

However, a nice Vietnamese guy decided to give tit-for-tat. He made his own 2.17 minute video, in the same style as the girl’s video, as a riposte. I found it absolutely and brilliantly hilarious. Have a look – Asian guy responds to Asians in the Library (Alexandra wallace)

Now, was it the politically correct (PC) way to respond to the girl’s video? Probably not. But, was it the smack bulls-eye-on-the-head-of-a-nail way to respond to her? ABSO-freaking-LUTELY!

The civilized, PC, way to respond to the girl was obviously not what the Vietnamese guy did. But you know what, HIS way was, to me, the appropriate way to respond. It was eye for an eye. No more, no less.

He did not veer from style, nor from content. He did not go overboard and he did not ramble. And, this is important, he made it entertaining. To me, any person offended by her would, after watching his video, be laughing so hysterically that any ill-feeling would be soon forgotten. They would move on with their lives, chalking the whole experience up to a silly girl, and guy, ranting.

Perhaps THIS is the secret to combating racism: Allow offensive remarks to be countered by equally (not more) offensive and FUNNY retort. The racist is shown up for the ignoramus that he/she is, and we all get a good laugh, along with a lesson.

But this secret ingredient must be present: Everyone must be able to take as well as they give. If the givers have thin skins with bullies at their beck and call to boot, then it’s best to stick to the long laborious process of PC dialogue, talk, discussion, conference, mission statement … yada yada yada ….

Oh, by the way, there is a very entertaining song to cap this whole episode – Asians in the Library Song (Response to UCLA’s Alexandra Wallace)

I still prefer the Vietnamese guy’s rant tho :-) Thank you for reading, and, “Have a nice day!”

Jason Kay is from Malacca. He tweets at @JK_mlk and blogs at http://jasonkaykl.blogspot.com/

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