A Murder In an Alley

Care to kill?

Care to kill? | Credits http://coilhouse.net/

It was a murder most horrid. A murder in an alley. Incessant blows, numerous whacks, several stomps and then a final kick! Rain shielding weaponry was employed in the relentless thumping. Three victims. One killer! The victims; helpless, wounded and dead. The Killer; tenacious, tyrannical and triumphant!

THOU SHALT NOT KILL! But kill indeed did the Killer! A recording apparatus of the video variety had served its function well.  Caught was the Killer! Red-handed, cold-blooded, and CAUGHT! The barbarism was broadcast. A nation, shocked. Its people, repulsed! “Catch the murderer in the alley”, they bellowed!

The outcry of the outraged compelled the outlaw to come out. Fearful of the frenzied furore, the Killer sought refuge from members of legislative branch. Foolishly, apathetically, unethically, two “guardians” did emerge. The Bulwarks of Barbarianism (B.O.B), they came to be known!

So the Killer was revealed. Declarations of guilt and pleas for clemency. Claims of cerebral chaos the cause of the Killers cold killing! Accepted and applauded by the baleful B.O.B, the Killer was ABSOLVED! Seeking penance for a pardon, the Killer was victorious.

“This cannot be”, cried justice seekers for the DEAD! They demanded that the Killer be punished. Though not, of course, in the sense of assassination. For unlike the Killer, the Defenders of the DEAD held all life in worth.   Even of the Killer, who had clubbed, clomped and clobbered the DEAD to death!

Mounds of maggots reviled the justice seekers and the disdainful B.O.B continued their callous compost pile of logic. The justice seekers, their entire beings enveloped by the ghastly odium of the brutality, demanded the disbanding of the B.O.B. They condemned the lawlessness of democracy. They commanded congressional comeuppance. But sensory deprivation was loud and clear. And the criming-criminal roamed free.

The many Ministries of Worthlessness too found wretched wickedness unworthy of its worth. Governed by the brotherhood of bandits, The Ministries of Worthlessness ignored the indignant. Killing, culling and carnage were a stately polity. For integrity, justice and liberty had long left the throne.

Alas, the throne I speak of has for far too long been occupied by malevolence. The Rulers, they fear the Good books. The Not-Yet Rulers, they froth at the sanctity of literature. And while these powers that be and might-be wage interlocutory war over what we peons be allowed to read, ingest and regurgitate, a new dweller has ascended to the heavens. It is the deceased; voiceless and forgotten.

But let us never forget the murder in the alley.

Shenaaz Khan is a Legal Advisor by day and Gypsy by night and sometimes part of the day as well, primarily after lunch! Lunch that  does  not  include meat  but rather items of  a leafier disposition!

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