KDYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin
The Yang Dipertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin | Credit http://www.malaysianmonarchy.org.my

Article 32(1) of the Federal Constitution provides that there shall be a Supreme Head of the Federation to be called the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. His Majesty shall take precedence over all persons in the Federation and shall not be liable to any proceedings whatsoever in any court except in the Special Court established under Part XV (Articles 182 and 183). The Constitution also provides that the Raja Permaisuri Agong shall take precedence next after the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

I am a Malaysian nationalist. I believe in the monarchy system that we have. Many of my friends ridiculed me for expressing support for the monarch. To them it was as if i was making up a gimmick, to experiment with public  perception. It somehow was uncool to be of support of the royalties. It almost seems like a package, you dislike UMNO, you dislike Barisan Nasional, you dislike the monarchy, your liberal, your against capital punishments, you believe in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and you believe that you and a group of friends can change the world.

Well it doesn’t work like that anymore, and i am sorry to  disappoint many of my good friends, but i am who i am and i am a monarchist. Yes, i absolutely believe in the whole idea. In fact i think it is the best system for us Malaysians. I lay my complete confidence in the institution of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, and i am completely proud of it. We are unique people united by one symbol, and that symbol is none other than the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. We are  civilized and culturally rich people, that’s what we are, Malaysians.  All 28 million of us and counting, are subject of great institution that has ruled upon us ever since our Independence.

We keep asking what is the identity of a Malaysian? What defines us as Malaysians, whats national culture do we subscribe to?. Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak came up with 1Malaysia, which i think is a very cute plan, but with all due respect i think everybody is missing the fact that we are subjects of a monarchy system, and we are united by our symbol of unity the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, and that is our foremost identity as Malaysians.

You can be Malay, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Filipino, Siamese, English, Korean or whatever on earth you wanna be, but as long as you hold a Malaysian passport, we are united under the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Some say that our king is just a constitutional monarch, no more then a rubber stamp, just like the Dewan Negara. Unfortunately that assumption is somewhat true, thanks to a doctor who was in the “house” for over 20 years.

To me Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed, is responsible for endangering the monarchy system in Malaysia. Firstly, i believe Tun Dr Mahathir is responsible for the loss of power and influence of our monarchs. Until this very day i cannot understand why nobody sees what he did in 1983 and 1993 as an act of treason. The grand irony of the whole fiasco, was that the whole idea of stripping the powers of the monarch was propelled by the notorious United Malays National Organisation, the very organisation that was established to ensure the powers of the Malay rulers and Malay customary and political rights.

Their perverted idea of “Ketuanan Melayu“, is in my opinion a very clever ploy to weaken the monarchy and put their thugs in power.  Imagine, the YDPA has 28 Million Malaysians as His loyal subjects, but UMNO had to play up racial sentiments as if only the Malays were the loyal subjects of the monarch. The Malay rulers maybe Malay rulers, but the YDPA was never under any circumstances engineered to be a Malay ruler, the YDPA is ruler of the Federation of Malaysia which consist of various races and religion. “Ketuanan Melayu” has no place in our system of elective monarchy, it maybe complimentary but fundamentally it is redundant, overlapping and pointless, in fact a subtle insult to our monarchs actually.

I am not suggesting “Ketuanan Rakyat” as an alternative, but that makes more sense. “Kerajaan bertuankan Rakyat, Rakyat bertuankan Agong”, and this is how it is supposed to be.  However that is not the case today, we can clearly see how Barisan Nasional and UMNO is undermining our unity, and our monarchy. They have lost their respect for the monarchs, the manner in which they carry themselves in the Dewan Rakyat clearly depicts how ignorant they are of our Kings grace. They engineer a lot of drama to depict as if they were in complete support of our monarchy, but if you judge with common sense,it is very clear that they are indeed the very threat to our system.

As things are now, only the organisation which seeks to protect our monarchy and the rakyat is the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, our national unsung heroes. Forget the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Tun Mahathir Mohammed has put it down that they are a very politically motivated organisation. The PDRM did not even deny his allegations. The PDRM in my opinion not only does not respect the rakyat by firing tear gases and using batons on them, but they also insult the YDPA by interfering with national politics. They are supposed to serve the YDPA, unfortunately it has been obvious to many lawyers about whom the police is backing.

The fact that the Armed Forces are headed by the YDPA acknowledges the dual right and responsibility under the law. It recognises that the forces are to serve the people and remain at the disposal of the State. Supreme Legislative authority rests with the YDPA in Parliament; Supreme governing authority resides with the YDPA in Putrajaya while the Supreme judicial authority lies with the YDPA and exercised by the Judiciary. The YDPA is given the responsibility to protect and defend the rakyat. The YDPA embodies the union of the monarch and the people.

I hope we realise that our identity is not 1Malaysia, it is not our ethnicity neither is it the political party which we support, but it is in the simple fact that we are the royal subjects of a great Institution, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong. It is also our symbol of unity, regardless of our race or religion.  I would suggest the current government to scrap the controversial 1Malaysia, and educate Malaysians their rightful identity as united subjects of a Duli Yang Maha Mulia.

Lingswaran Singh is a Malaysian nationalist and a loyal subject of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. He has been a loyarburok since he was 5. He likes flying kites and building sand castles, and openly admits that he is a defunct product of Mahathirism.

Lingswaran Singh has been a LoyarBurokker since he was 5. He speaks an open but disinterested language, dictated not by passion but that of humanity. Independence is his happiness. His country is the world,...

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  1. Sdr Jentayu, isu Raja pukul orang pun sebenarnya tidaklah memerlukan pindaan Perlembagaan. Setiap negeri ada peruntukan undang2 yang membolehkan seorang Raja diturunkan daripada tahta kiranya berlaku kecacatan besar daripada sudut tindak tanduk termasuklah perlakuan jenayah. Itu adalah bidangkuasa Dewan DiRaja atau Jumaah Pangkuan Negeri masing2.Apa yang Tun Mahathir buat adalah tidak wajar, kerana nyamuk maka kelambu dibakar. Kesan daripada pindaan tersebut boleh menjejaskan kedudukan Raja2 untuk melindungi hak2 rakyat. kita lihat betapa ada pihak2 yang boleh menimbulkan macam2 tuduhan jenayah, adakah kita ingin melihat Raja2 kita dijebakkan sama jika kiranya Raja kita berpegang kepada Perlembagaan dan tidak akur kepada desakan pihak2 tertentu.

  2. haha… marah nampak bhai? aku dah patahkan hujah hang. hang tu yang x baca @ x mau baca apa aku tulih. dah la bhai hang pi nari bhangra ja cukup la. kurang2 terhibur gak hati kami ni. hehehe

  3. @Greg Lopez. i will be publishing a series of articles further covering the issue. I will be sure to address that in the future writings.

  4. @Jentayu. Cakap banyak, artikel aku tak baca. Melayu la konon.

  5. Hi Linges, nice article.

    You correctly provide examples of how the YDPA as the symbol of unity.

    Could you provide examples (or evidence), of where the YDPA has meaningfully promoted unity (other than speeches that are written by the government for them) among Malaysian citizens.



  6. hehe hehe singh ni sgt luculah. meloncat bila sebut ketuanan melayu. takut betul dgn org2 melayu ya bhai. ketuanan melayu tu refer pd ketuanan raja2 melayu la oi. xkan ketuanan cina, india atau bhai pulak sbg sultan2 dan raja2 semua melayu. bukan ketuanan melayu umno. pandai betui hang twist na. lg satu bhai ni cek nak bgtau. asal kena pinda akta perlembagaan bg imuniti raja2 sbb ada sorg sultan pukul org dgn kayu golf. tp org tu xleh nak buat apa la sbb xde peruntukan bwh undang2 yg bg saluran utk dakwa raja2 melayu. sblm pinda pun da dibawa ke majlis raja2 utk pertimbangan. baru la boleh debate kat parlimen dan luluskan. cuba la bygkan kalau kerajaan buat bodoh je lantak pilah mamat yg kena pukui tu. bukan sapa pun. dah tentu lama kelamaan rakyat berontak. nak demo buat apa? itulah undang2 yg adil. xdela raja boleh buat ikut suka depa. yg dok hina agong ni bukan org2 mcm hampa ka? bukan lim kit siang dok siang malam mimpi nak buat republik ka? sudahlah bhai. hang main wayang ja ni.

  7. Its a good read, but Im feeling Im in Disneyland! Or is it Neverland. Sorry, in my 35 years of existence, the King has done nothing to inspire me. Sorry. Im only thinking, is the Rolls Royce he's driving came my pocket? Not to disrespect the King, he has just no say in anything.I hear Ibrahim Ali more than the King! Typical of the current situation, its ok if someone questioned the King but its a big 'NO NO" when "ketuanan Melayu" is in question. The hell with them, let them not work as hard as others, awaiting the goverment to feed them. Let them to their slumber.

    The king again, remember the Selangor fiasco? He couldnt even come up with a statement when a group of children went to Istana Negara to present him flowers, requesting all nationals, regardless of race and religion are treated equals. Makes no difference for me. I can see the tax payers money are being well used, getting new "Istana' and Bentleys. Go Malaysia Go!

  8. Saya pun sebenarnya menyokong pengekalan institusi beraja kerana ia adalah sebahagian daripada tradisi dan budaya Melayu. Kedaulatan Agong dan Raja-Raja harus dikekalkan sebagai penimbangtara kuasa di negara ini. Sayang pendapat ramai adalah pengaruh UMNO telah mengikis kuasa dan tujuan asal pemerintah institusi beraja dikekalkan.

    Pendapat ramai adalah sebegitu, dan kadangkala, terbau seperti benar mengikut perlakuan Agong dan Raja-Raja di masa krisis berlaku.

    Saya tidaklah menyokong feudalism atau sister monarki mutlak, tetapi saya merasakan bahawa golongan diraja adalah sejarah Malaysia, dan tidak sepatutnya dipandang sebagai budaya Melayu semata-mata. (500 tahun lebih institusi beraja Melayu wujud di tenggara ini, tentulah Sultan/Raja golongan bukan Melayu juga).

    Seperti yang telah dibuktikan di England, tidak semestinya demokrasi tidak boleh wujud secara simbiosis dengan sistem demokrasi yang adil.

    Cuma, dari segi penggunaan wang rakyat untuk membina istana-istana mewah tanpa keperluan nyata, untuk membayar perbelanjaan kereta dan majlis mewah, itu saya kurang setuju kerana wang tersebut lebih baik disalurkan kepada golongan yang lebih memerlukan.

    Adalah dicadangkan bahawa keluarga diraja juga haruslah membayar cukai, etc dan elaun yang diberikan kerajaan haruslah tidak melebihi keperluan.

  9. Qama Gill, :) glad you asked. I am currently writing a piece on that, i promise your question's will be answered. Kindly consider joining me in my efforts, you may consider after my next piece in regards to this goes up.

    p/s: Nasehat? udah cukup. La ni kira time ova, kasi bungkui saja, diapa geliga bohong orang ja. Tak abih abih ngan lubang jubuq, pompuan , arak, ngan rasua.

  10. i remember watching da final match of Piala Ketua Hakim in UKM between da host n contender, UiTM. da m0tion was ab0ut dis very subject, whether or n0t da p0wer of m0narch sh0uld be reinstate back as it was earlier to tackle nati0nal outcry of dem0cracy. bro Linswaran, i had great respect of ur piece since da 1st p0st in LB. I nd 2 clarify s0metyn here. m0narchy system is da answer 4 unity. but, da system dat we had is n0t da pure m0narch as in abs0lute p0wer held by YDPA. pls advise which p0wer of YDPA dat shud be rturned since their p0wer in sense of f0rmal issue still rmain da same? is it da 30days ruling of bills passed Dwn Negara or da immunity fr0m being charge in civil/criminal c0urt? if its da immunity, wit all due respect, i'll beg 2 differ then..

    p/s: amb0i nana, pedaih bet0i ayat..nak wat lagu mna, depa mmg ketegaq xmkn ajaq..kita hat tau ne, takat b0leh nasihat ja..sabaq na..nnt kna darah tinggi..

  11. Beautiful piece…had been following u since the first article…keep it up…Daulat Tuanku!!

  12. @linswaran said :

    " . . . unique people united by one symbol, and that symbol is none other than the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. "

    Quite true. And remember that where extant monarchs still exist in India (HRH Maharaja Dr. Karan Singh) or China (HRH Aisin Gioro Hengzhen), it is imperative that Malay monarchs extend equality and friendship to these nations by extending *EQUALITY* and *END OF APARTHEID* to Indians and Chinese in Malaysia as well.

  13. Haa mane orang Melayu? Mane sokongan orang Melayu untuk perkasakan balik institusi beraja kita? Mana dia orang Melayu yang sokong tulisan ni? Tak dak! yang ada sorang Melayu yang suruh jangan pertikai Ketuanan Melayu.

    Apepasal orang Melayu hari ni, tatkala raja-raja dimalukan, diapa berdiam diri? Pasal siapa? Mai nana bagi jawapan, pasai lebih 50 tahun UMNO telah melemahkan institusi beraja kita. Hari ni rakyat macam inilah, tak faham tak reti apa maksud daulat.

    Politik UMNO semata-mata nak rajakan diri dia sendiri, berani nak laung-laung Ketuanan Melayu, sedangkan Tuan kat Malaysia cuma sorang ja, Agong kita.

    Apsal orang Melayu diam bila kita ajak perkasakan raja? Apsal orang UMNO tak baca loyarburok kah? Apsal orang Melayu tak lilit kain putih kat songkok tahun 1983? Apsal tak demo tahun 1993?

    Sudahlah, mula-mula diapa kata nak jaga kuasa Sultan. Lepai tu diapa sendiri yang dok tipu orang Melayu, sampai hari ni Polis berani nak sentuh raja, tapi sorang pun Melayu tak bersuara. Apsai? Haa mai nana abaq, pasai UMNO. 50 tahun dok jaja Ketuanan Melayu, main isu kaum, pecah belahkan rakyat, lepai bagi ucapan jela-jela seolah-olah diapa la yang baik.

    Nana tak tau, orang KL kata apa. Tapi kalau kat utara diapa kata lagu ni munapik namanya. Pandai bermuka-muka, pandai bohong, pandai derhaka, itu semua parti yang sudah 50 tahun pegang kuasa, dah buncit, dah korup, dan tak tahu malu. Ni… dengaq baik-baik, kita bertuankan Agong, janganlah hina Agong dengan slogan-slogan derhaka cam "Ketuanan Melayu".

    Sudahlah, kalau nak sangat hisap darah rakyat, nak sangat jadi raja, cakap lah siang-siang! Jangan dok tikam dari belakang. Hang pa ingat apa, orang bukan Melayu tak rasa taat setia ngan Agong? Orang pikia cam tu memang sahlah tak sayang negara, tak sayang raja.

    Ni mai, aku akan terus bersuara untuk perkasakan institusi beraja kita. Esok nanti kalau-kalau Pakatan naik, diapa pun aku tibai kalau tak kembalikan kuasa raja-raja yang Chedet cabut tahun 1983 ngan 1993.

    Ni, aku bukan takat pertikai ketuanan Melayu, biaq pi ketuanan apa bangsa sekalipun aku pertikai. Pasai hangpa semua kat sini, tuan hangpa Agong. Jadi jangan tunjuk kurang ajar, mai kat post aku nak kecoh pasai ketuanan Melayu. Ini post khas nak sound kerajaan, nak desak tuk kembalikan kuasa Agong, respek sikit!.

    1. you got the point, Ketuanan Melayu is our Rulers, the Rulers for all citizens and rakyat. Ketuanan Melayu doesnt belong to any particular race or political party. We are the obedient people to our YDPA and our Rulers.

  14. @azhar, you must have not read the whole piece. Do you know you sound like a complete fool saying don't question Ketuanan Melayu. I did not question Ketuanan Melayu. Infact only idiots and fools would actually acknowledge Ketuanan Melayu. I dismissed Ketuanan Melayu, as it is an insult to our Monarchy.

    Kalau saudara malas sangat nak bace tulisan saya sepenuhnya, baik jangan komen. Ape asas saudara nak suruh saya jangan pertikai Ketuanan Melayu?

    Saya baru bentangkan yang Ketuanan Melayu itu, derhaka namanya. Kerana orang macam saudaralah institusi beraja kita sedang dihakis.

    Eh malu lah sikit, Melayu konon. Tak sedar diri yang kita semua bertuankan Agong? Inilah dia, Ketuanan Melayu konon, nak tipu Melayu adalah.

  15. "The Malay rulers maybe Malay rulers, but the YDPA was never under any circumstances engineered to be a Malay ruler, the YDPA is ruler of the Federation of Malaysia which consist of various races and religion."

    -Please find other issue laa….its not gonna end..dont question the Ketuanan Melayu.-

  16. Thanks comrade. Seems like people don't dare to comment on issues pertaining the rulers. I wonder why.

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