On BFM: Voter Rights and Education


LoyarBurokkers Edmund Bon and Fahri Azzat were on BFM today to speak about voters’ rights and education, amidst LoyarBurok’s latest efforts: Ops PISANG, Pusat Rakyat LB (Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights), and UndiMalaysia!

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Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) is a non-profit based in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of promoting active democratic participation and human rights awareness.

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5 Responses to On BFM: Voter Rights and Education

  1. stevenfrayne

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this post. I’m glad to find your post. Keep sharing!! Have a super fabulous day!!!

  2. All the civilians must know about their rights for voting and education how to do it and what is the important of it.

  3. the race is constantly about the economy. Each one who matters to the Moneylenders. Will get in. We don't get the opportunity to pick by voting at the surveys close as much as with our dollars. Get the cash then, you get the force "Tony Montana" otherwise known as "Scarface" If Mccain looks great he's in-if not then its Obama. Their name goes on the entryway and they get a great deal of press .

  4. Good show guys! Informative and entertaining, though EB's soft mumblings pale in comparison with Fahri's "voice for radio"!