LoyarBorak #7: Podcast On Young Lawyers’ Working Conditions

LoyarBorak-1LoyarBorak features discussions of selected issues in either written, video, or audio formats.

This is the second LoyarBorak in podcast format — listen to or download the first one here. This episode discusses “Young Lawyers’ Working Conditions.”

This episode of the podcast is hosted by Marcus van Geyzel, and the guests are Richard Wee, Olivia Loh, and Kenneth Wong. The podcast is just under 40 minutes, with a break midway.

Do listen in as the panel discusses the issues surrounding “Young Lawyers’ Working Conditions” from the perspectives of  both employers and employees.

LoyarBorak - Kenneth Olivia Ric

L-R: Kenneth, Olivia, and Richard

  • What are young lawyers complaining about now? Haven’t these issues been resolved?
  • Are young lawyers grossly underpaid?
  • Is it all about the money?
  • Does the Bar Council have a role to play?
  • Shouldn’t employers be allowed to decide on how much they pay their employees?
  • But isn’t the quality of young lawyers sorely lacking these days?
  • What does an employer require out of a young lawyer?
  • Is there a solution, moving forward?

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7 Responses to LoyarBorak #7: Podcast On Young Lawyers’ Working Conditions

  1. my favorite podcasts .. very useful indeed for diverse purposes .. for young lawyers indeed

  2. etz

    is there any other way to play the podcast? it doesn't seem to be working for me…

  3. Lee Shih

    In the podcast, Olivia summarised the key points very well. I do believe that employers (or most employers) are trying to match the expectations of young lawyers, not just on the issue of salary but also on other areas. At the same time, young lawyers in their capacity as employees must match the expectations of employers. It has been widely perceived of a general drop in the quality of lawyers entering the profession. Whether it is a poor command of the English language or lack of critical thinking, these are increasingly common complaints of employers across the board.

    The other key point raised by Olivia was the fact about it being an employee market. I agree. If a young lawyer feels under-compensated (whether through salary or otherwise) in relation to the lawyer's ability, the lawyer can eventually vote with his or her feet. Move to another firm which pays higher or has a better work environment. I see this almost on a monthly basis, with many colleagues and friends leaving for another law firm which offers a better-paying position or better work exposure. So many Malaysian lawyers also leave to head to Singapore or other countries.

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  5. Aerie Rahman

    Siew Pheng: Wow. Those who complained about Gen Y forgot who raised us and labelled us that way.

  6. Siew Pheng

    Spoilt young Gen Y brats. Asking for more & more pay, whilst quality goes lower & lower. Focus on working hard & improving lah!

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