The Request #LoyarBerkasih

What Lighters Were Really Made For | Credit:

What Lighters Were Really Made For | Credit:

I am not asking for the sun
For the ray maybe too bright for me to bear
I am not asking for the stars and the moon
For they hide away during the day
I am not asking you to be my rainbow
That only comes after the rain
I am not asking for the universe either
For wealth is for us to share

I hope this is not asking for too much
For I am content if you could be my air
Unassuming, yet always there.

Noreen wrote this in November 2009 and has not written any poems since. She needs a muse. Her loyarburokking here is on her own free time and her own views. They bear no reflection on the organisation she works for.

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Life is not meant to be lived in linear. Predictability is boring, make it an adventure.

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2 Responses to The Request #LoyarBerkasih


    Take a break but don't stop
    Let not your talent be a loss
    So that others through you hop
    Regardless who is master or boss

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140211
    Mon.14th Feb.2011.

  2. Someone needs a muse? :P