In Kindness There is Strength | Credit:
In Kindness There is Strength | Credit:

Chow Pong provides us with three unconventional low-carbon dating suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

This post shares with you some alternative destinations, not too far from Kuala Lumpur, where you can take your date, without having to spend too much unnecessary cash. These alternatives are friendlier to Mother Nature, and your date might just be captivated with your consideration for a better world.

1. Broga Hill: Trail with breeze cooler than air-conditioning.

Broga Hill | Credit:
Broga Hill | Credit:

Sitting on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, some 50km south from Kuala Lumpur, Broga Hill is a 350m high hill carpeted with lalang and undergrowth. The hike to the peak of Broga is relatively easy. You and your date would have no problems hiking up the trail. The peak offers a panoramic view of the valleys of rainforest, palm oil plantations and a few small town around its vicinity.

The best time to hike Broga is during the early morning before sunrise. The view of the sunrise from Broga Hill is simply breathtaking. A couple of hours on the peak of Broga, is better than any typical window-shopping trip, and the cool breeze blowing across its trail is more refreshing than anything coming out from the air conditioning vent. Not to mention, natural breeze = zero carbon.

Something to take note though, mosquitoes are sometimes aplenty on Broga, so be prepared with mosquito repellent or wear long sleeves and pants to cover any exposed body parts. And try not to walk around on the grass as contact with some of the lalang species could result in itchy sensation on bare skin.

2. Kuala Selangor Fireflies: Tale of the fairy lights

Kuala Selangor Firefly Sanctuary | Credit:
Kuala Selangor Firefly Sanctuary | Credit:

About 50km north of Kuala Lumpur, lies two little villages in Kuala Selangor, where fairies live and dance to the rhythm of the songs of the grinning bugs.

Well maybe not so dramatic, but you may have heard it of the Kuala Selangor Firefly Sanctuary, located in the Kuala Selangor Natural Park. The park is a gazetted forest reserve at the estuary of the Sungai Selangor River. The river bank is populated with berembang trees, a type of mangrove tree, and it lies between the dense leaves of the trees where thousands of fireflies live, or once lived.

When night falls, the fireflies will feed on the nectar of the leaves, and attract mates with flashing green glow from their lower abdomen. You and your date can take a trip along the river on a rowboat, where you will be taken out into the darkness of the river. As you enter the silence of the darkness, keep your eyes along the riverbanks, for you might be greeted by one of nature’s most magnificent display of light.

The best time to visit Kuala Selangor Firefly Sanctuary is during nightfall, around 730pm, when the fireflies are most active in search of a mate. Once they have found a mate, the glow stops. Unfortunately, the number of fireflies in the Park has dwindled significantly recently, and on some nights, the visitors may be disappointed.

Some say it is already too late to save the colonies of Kuala Selangor fireflies, and thus, one of our natural treasures is lost forever. Well, maybe if you are lucky, the trees along the Selangor river would light up for you and your date, telling you the tale of the fairies that, for decades, live in the thick of the berembang tree grove, a tale more remarkable than any of those cheap romantic flicks shown in the cinema, a tale of love, and survival.

3. Bentong Farm Sanctuary: Picnic by the stream, with the canines and the cows and goats.

Walking The Dogs | Credit: Bentong Farm Sanctuary
Walking The Dogs | Credit: Bentong Farm Sanctuary

To the east of Kuala Lumpur, some 90km away, safely protected within secondary jungles and orchards, lies Bentong Farm Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a privately owned farm which has turned into an animal sanctuary. The sanctuary practices a no-kill policy, where all animals released into the farm will be taken care after, and let to roam within the boundary of the farm, until their natural deaths. Today, there are approximately 50 dogs, 20 cats, some cows and goats, and many chickens and ducks in the farm.

By The River | Credit: Bentong Farm Sanctuary
By The River | Credit: Bentong Farm Sanctuary

Although it is a privately owned property, the farm, managed by a passionate couple with several full time staff, welcomes visitors. A stream runs through the farm, where an upstream river bank provides the perfect place for a picnic. Due to its distance from town (and hence light pollution), the picnic spot is also a perfect spot for star gazing. During the fruiting season, visitors can expect to help harvest, or to be served with local seasonal fruits, including durian, the king of fruits.

There is really no particular best time to visit the farm. You can take your date for a visit early morning, spread a picnic mat by the stream and bask in the still misty air of the morning, or you can drop by late evening, set up a tent for two and stay over the night blanketed by the beauty of a thousand stars.

You Are Not Alone | Credit:
You Are Not Alone | Credit:

One thing to note though, you and your date will definitely be accompanied by the dogs living in the farm. But the good news is, if your date has a dog, impress him/her by suggesting to take the dog along for your Valentine’s celebration. The farm welcomes the four-legged as much as the two-legged.

Should you have interest to visit Bentong Farm Sanctuary, do leave a comment on this post.

There you have it, three low-carbon date suggestions that are a short distance from KL, and different from the conventional Valentine’s day locations that you can take your date on this romantic day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the Love!

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  2. cp, me want join the feb 26 convoy too, haven't been to the farm before and a picnic sounds good! =D

  3. Carpooling also low-carbon friendly. Yes, Juli and others – don't be shy, contact ChowPong (see e-mail address above) on going to these places together. We can vouch that he is safe! (although we can't vouch for the others, CP)

  4. @Juli, @June :

    Public transport will be ideal, but not too realistic because these areas are totally out of the way.

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  5. Chow Pong – Juli brought up a very good point. Could you please update this article – or via comment page, on how to get to these places using public transportation? Even more low-carbon friendly!!

  6. I want to go too, even without a date boleh? Those places you mentioned are very romantic, but not commuter friendly :(

  7. @June, Su-Ming, Shafina : I am heading over soon, the durian season is coming up =) drop me a note at [email protected] so I can have your email add in record. Tentative date end Feb or end Mar.

    @Samuel Valentine's needs no cupid, is between you and your date. In fact, everyday can be valentine's


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