Love, Illustrated #LoyarBerkasih

Ever Wondered by Ashaari Rahmat

Ever Wondered by Ashaari Rahmat

Why Love by Ashaari Rahmat

Why Love by Ashaari Rahmat

Ashaari Rahmat works with an NGO.  He stays in KL, likes this and that (like sci-fi things and metaphysical ramblings and vitagen) and might be going through a quarter life crisis.  Or not.

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6 Responses to Love, Illustrated #LoyarBerkasih

  1. Farisya Shukor

    Thank you for sharing Ashaari Rahmat :)

  2. June Rubis

    Arena – great suggestion!

  3. Some thoughts on love – 080211

    Let love be really simple and direct
    Though it may not always be perfect
    Love needs not any monument to erect
    When it is expressed in manners correct

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Tue.8th Feb.2011.

  4. charlie chan

    because of his great love for malaysia n her citizens the great one is saying things to hurt n divide the nation, kudos to his great statesmanship n advise

  5. Arena Green

    Love it, would be nice to wear it too :-)

  6. Jin Rui

    LIKE! :)