Why I don’t believe in democracy, elections, taxation, the constitution, freedom, human rights, our parliament, government, and violence against violence.

I do not believe in democracy.

Democracy is a vague concept and has become a tool or an excuse for gaining and maintaining  power. Democracy is just a name to camouflage the subtle practice of dictatorship, fascism, and communism. The education system is a good reflection of the system that governs a nation. For instance, in  Islamic states, Islamic teachings is the main focus of the education system. Similarly in a democratic society, the value of democracy must be the center of the education system. Self-administration is an essential element that must be entrenched in a democratic society. Thus our youths must be thought the art of bargaining and the importance of dialogues rather than the idea of “majority rules“. Unfortunately our youths today are violently corrupted with fear and indoctrinated with the thought of compromising. Dissent is unfortunately viewed very negatively in our country.

I do not believe in elections.

Elections are just an illusion of a democratic society. A mere electoral system does not represent the whole idea of democracy. Buying your vote is not an unusual phenomena, believe it or not it is rampant and happens all the time. The cheapest vote that the ruling class can buy is from the dependent class (the poor). The ruling class needs money to buy votes. The money that the ruling class can extort is from the productive class (the middle class) by way of taxation. Elections are an endless process of the ruling class to extort money and to bribe the poor. Poverty cannot be eradicated because it will defeat the idea of elections and the concept of government.


Minister A intends to build a tower. Taxation is the best way to extort your money for  that project. The allocation given for this project is RM100 thousand, the contractor only  requires RM10 thousand but is forced to demand RM100 thousand. Eventually RM90 thousand will belong to minister A. Very little money will be allocated for charity, NGO’s activities and the rest of those money will be fully utilised for buying votes either his in party election or bribe the poor during general election and so on. Building a tower is just a stepping stone (to get money) to achieve the ultimate goal of gaining power.

I do not believe in taxation.

What is the rationale of taxation? We are born in society which has subjugated us to the system and we see no reason to ask for any explanation. We love to ask for reduction but we dare not ask for the abolishment of the whole taxation system. The idea of taxation is evil. Taxation is a legal term for extortion  done by the government. Government is an institution that cannot generate wealth and is distinguishable with a corporate body. The only asset that the government has is you and me. Taxation is a legitimate approach to take away our hard earned money. There are consequences for those who fail or refuse to pay taxes. Believe me, there will be more unreasonable taxes and irrational tax rates to be introduced in the future to feed the needs and requirements of corrupt political practices.

I do not believe in the reasons given to reduce subsidy, to increase tax or to introduce new taxes.

The reasons given are always predictable, for the rakyat’s good. Besides vote buying, deficit and national debt are the real causes. Deficit and national debt is not the common language used by the ruling class because they are afraid of  losing votes. Why do we have deficits and our national debt keeps increasing every year? Misuse of public funds and taking of loans by the government is the answer. Deficits and national debt may sound unrelated to you, but in fact it is inextricably related to you and me. In fact, we are bearing the liability and we are paying for it through taxes! Be warned, the growing tax rate that we are paying now is for the debt or deficit that occurred in the past and what our grandchildren are going to pay is the debt and deficit we accumulated now. Governments cannot generate wealth but governments are a legal entity which is allowed by law to enter into contractual relationships either to secure a loan or spend tax payers money. Where is the contract that we have given consent and voluntarily agree that we are ready to bear the liability? Show me the contract, NOW!! Ops… you are not allowed to because you are govern by the Official Secret Act. You have no choice, you are liable for it. The only contract that you have is the social contract (constitution).

We Need You

I do not believe in the constitution.

Constitution without constitutionalism, it is just a meaningless document of tyranny. Constitutionalism is to ensure fundamental liberties of the people are preserved. Constitutionalism is well preserved as long as fundamental liberties are well practiced. In those circumstances, it does not necessarily require the existence of any other institution especially the government. In actual fact, the existence of the government has undermined the value of constitutionalism. The Federal Constitution is a social contract between you and the government. but not between Malay and Non-Malay. This contract is an implicit contract that you are not required to sign of which is enforceable in Malaysia, which has an unilateral effect, and like it or not, you are bound by it. The terms and conditions in our so called document of destiny; we are given voting rights, then the majority forms the government, the government monopolises the power to act violently,  we are subjected to the government’s violence.

I do not believe in freedom.

What we have now is not freedom but free range. For instance, you have a car (constitution) and the car’s maximum speed is 260km/h. However, on the road you are not allowed to exceed the speed limit of more than 110km/h due to rules and regulations (ISA, LLPK, EO, OSA). Which means the car that you have is just another illusion of freedom that you have. Instead of freedom, you are only provided with a free range for you to drive. Livestock animals love free range (farmers like the most) because they can produce more than they consume. Back in those days, what you produced is liable to be taken by the Pembesar, Raja or Sultan. Thus the people see no reason to produce more. When the colonialist came, after the industrial revolution, they knew that freedom can produce higher productivity thus they granted us so called freedom. Besides ensuring you can survive with a little extra after taking over your wealth they introduce the idea of taxation to legalise extortion. A high productivity livestock system generates higher tax for further abuse. Remember we are different from livestock animals, we are human beings, there is a lot more to us then being the means of production (farmers a likened to the ruling class).

I do not believe in human rights.

Rights that come with punishments are not rights. The accurate word is civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is when those who exercise their right to voice out against unjust law by the government and ready to face the violence of the state (punishment). They accept the punishment because they believe in the rule of law. According to Martin Luther King, the oppressed must demand from the oppressor and confront the oppressor and accept the undeserved consequences so that the whole world will know who is right and who is wrong. I do not believe it is applicable here.

Firstly, people are forgetful about what has happened in the past regardless of right or wrong. Even if the people are aware of it they are willing to compromise because of fear. Secondly, some of the people do not even consider these injustices because they think that this is a normality, which can happen in every single country and most importantly these injustices has nothing to do with them. We must stand firm against unjust law regardless of where it occurs because injustice anywhere will cause injustice everywhere. Detention without trial not only happens in Malaysia but in other nations as well such as United States. Be warned, injustice is derived from the government. Every government will emulate each others method to ensure their power is secured. We cannot allow such defects in our society, we have to stand firm to fight for the perfection even though nothing is perfect.

I do not believe in our parliament.

Besides the lousy quality of the members, it has made the purpose of elections superfluous, it has failed to function properly. They has failed to scrutinise the national expenditure and to control national finance but they are ready to extort our money by forming a government. They are reluctant to channel our voices and redress our grievances but in fact they are representing their own party to secure a majority to form the ruling class. They fail to scrutinise central administration but they are ready to compromise with them. A doctor who saves peoples life need to go through 5-8 years of studies before becoming a qualified doctor. As a MP, bearing the burden of saving the nation, it only requires one to be 21 years old and above. So what do you expect from them?

I do not believe in the concept of government.

People vote for an MP, but people do not vote for a government or even a minister. Every government is the same, they are parasites and terrorists. They are parasites because they consistently take your money spend it and you will bear the liability when the time comes. The government a terrorist? Now, this needs further elaboration. Before the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by the American government, the definition of terrorism was required to justify the invasion. This was an obstacle for them because by looking at the definition itself if seemed like every government was involve in terrorism activities. According to the dictionary, the definition of terrorism is the act of terrorising; use of force or threats to demoralise, intimidate and subjugate, a political weapon or policy. In other words, it means violent action for political purposes. How does the government fall under this definition?

The actual fact shows that, first, the government is formed based on the majority in the Dewan Rakyat. Every MP is not representing the wish of their constituencies but the wish of their own party. Every minister is a politician thus every single government policy is a political policy and every single political policy is to achieve their ultimate political agenda and purpose. Secondly, a government is defined as a group of individuals that monopolise the right to initiate legal use of force that they legally use against you and me. This is the best weapon they have to demoralise, intimidate and subjugate us. If you defend yourself you will be brutality assaulted and you will be subjected to imprisonment. In short, a government has the right to make policies and has the power to initiate use of force in order to achieve their purposes. So don’t you think the government suits the definition of a terrorist?

I do not believe in violence against violence.

Government is defined as “monopoly violence”. We do not need violence to tackle violence. We do not need violence to do good. I will not pass a gun to my friend to put me at gunpoint so that I will do something that I am supposed to do because of fear. We do not need violence to do charity. Coercion must be replaced by voluntarism. If a democratic society recognises that every person is rational in making decisions and every decision is right, then we do not need a government. On the contrary, if you think that people are selfish and evil then the government should not exist either. Evil people love power, and where is the best place to gain power if not the government?

It is naive to think that all ministers are good and all evil people are outside the doors of the government. Do not blame them because this is the effect of falsehood indoctrination (the true meaning of public education) by the government. Violence is not a solution. We know an eye for an eye, everyone will go blind. But the ruling class also knows that you and me will be blind first, just like a win-win situation, the question is who wins first. Ask yourself, do we need a government or how much of a government do we need? If every injustice is caused by the government why do we still need the concept of government that is derived from ancient times? The concept of government is the only idea that is well preserved from ancient time until today. Why does a developed nation need an ancient approach to govern themselves? If the government is a cancer will you keep the growing cancer in your body or will you remove it?

I do not believe that the solution for a government is another government. A libertarian will tell you that to get rid of the bad government is to vote for libertarian government. Please be reminded that the solution for superstition is not another superstition. Government is not a solution but a problem. Government is not of the people for the people by the people but they are ruling us by using force and imprisonment. A society can survive without a government. True freedom is a society without a government and this concept is known as a stateless society.

We love democracy because we reject the ideal of a power centralised body. We are a democratic society because it recognises people’s fundamental liberties not because we are given the right to vote. We demand for freedom because we do not want to be ruled. We need a qualified MP but not a schemer. We are looking for a better nation not for another government. We need public servants but not government servants. Democracy can survive without a government!

KK Mak wishes to become an atheist so that he is not bound by any form of fear propagated by religious groups which claim they can alleviate them.

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  1. Oh..just read you earlier post.

    " I and ALL CITIZENS…."

    Come on! you speak for ALL citizens? isn't it a bit premature to blow your own horns?

    Wake up to reality AgreeToDisagree! Don't be delusional.

  2. @AgreeToDisagree,

    Well, perhaps I should have explained myself clear although I thought it was obvous. The 'free lunch' I mentioned was in fact related to my post earlier with regards to vote buying by politicians. Further, it is just a figure of speech and not to be taken literally.

    As to the rich not offering food to feed the millions or billions of people living in poverty, I can't really comment on that because I don't know. I am clueless as to the place you are staying or from but from the place where I came from or the place I'm staying in, I am aware of the people living below the poverty line but to the extent that they need to be fed, I don't think that's true. (Well, I'm in Malaysia by the way)

    And don't you think it is blunt for you to actually comment on the inaction of the rich with regards to charitable cause? How would you know if they had actually donated to charitable cause? Perhaps your righteousness and wisdom will not think so. Or maybe it's just me.

    Kind regards.

  3. I don't believe…YOU.

    I can't believe you actually get praised for this piece of "young angry rebellious bs" crap.

    btw, you should believe your bank account balance.

    crybaby mommyboy.

  4. @Alan Tan :

    You lie! Oh yes there is a free lunch in the world. Try the below :

    Hare Krishna Food for Life, New York's Soup Kitchen International, Food Not Bombs, Weaver Street Market North Carolina, Kek Lok Si Vegetarian food for poor, several outreach programmes for soup kitchens in KL etc. etc.

    See? Free lunches. It is a shame that every single multi-millionaire or multi-billionaires (twice shamed) don't even open one in their home state to feed at least 1 (1 million) 10 (10 million) 100 (100 million) or 1000 (1 billion) or 10000 (10 billion) poor for a start. That won't even be a fraction of the interest. It is unconscionable and sets a terrible example for the 'poorer wealthy'.

    It's just food and since all lands and wealth of the world belong to everyone, don't presume to imagine their inaction is a sign of either negligence, plain selfishness or a very callous and evil mind.


    1) I do not believe in freedom.

    2) I do not believe in human rights.

    We can however AGREE with portions of statements in isolation of the NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING directed Titles as listed above in this comment. As for the below :

    3) I do not believe in violence against violence.

    There are caveats to this. Social or political violence will be met with the same but in as acceptable, principled and equitable form as possible to ensure DEMOCRACY and PERSONAL LIBERTY. Fellow citizens presuming to represent us at our permission had better treat us humanely and so that we must reciprocate. The onus however is upon those administering. There will be no violence as long as no violence is used among EQUAL citizens and that is the way to prevent civil war. Caveat venditor applies entirely in all aspects.

    4) I do not believe in the concept of government.

    NO this is wrong and will result in anarchy. There must always be government, *HOWEVER* with :


    b) TRANSPARENCY/ACCOUNTABILITY to FELLOW CITIZENS (no OSA, an IPCMC, no ISA as ISA is currently us written)

    c) QUORUMS

    d) aspects of PARTICIPATIVE DEMOCRACY at ALL levels *NOT BASED* on panels of obviously unqualified or untrained or inappropriately inexperienced politicians (like blogger KTEMOC suggesting limitless term Kit Siang be given the Home Minister's post or such)

    e) prohibitions against OLIGARCHY of Political Dynasty, NEPOTISM or proxy use in GLC awards, CONFLICT OF INTEREST via allowing any NGOs or Political parties to APPOINT relatives especially (Huiying Kit Siang's Daughter/Guan Eng's Sister Vice-Chairman in DAP committee or Jagdeep Singh, Karpal Singh's son as Vice -Chairman in same committee), – who wants to join a political party like that, no better than UMNO with dr.Evil's 2 billionaire sons AND Mukhriz in parliament competing with Pak Lah and KJ?!?, VESTED INTEREST

    f) the presence of GLCs, any appointed contracts/closed tenders given to GLCs which lean towards Cold War Soviet state run enterprise

    g) any Royal Patronage in inappropriate spheres in society

    Mak Kah Keong has put out some good ideas but these are littered with EITHER intentional OR subconsciously adopted neurolinguistic programming that lean towards subverting citizen self awareness into anarchic behaviour which is something that 'big government' has an excuse to 'crack down' upon.

    Not a very good article, does not create sustainable paradigms of citizen thought or an ability to differentiate between grey areas. Government is needed BUT must be tempered with the above points 4 + (a) to (g) strictly implemented which will separate the chaff among citizens from the wholesome wheat and ensure neutral and free society. There could be even more strictures applied as we discuss, but the above are good enough for a start. So Bar Council, do start, and Mah, I'd love a response to my coment on your article too.

  6. The concept and theory of democracy is ideal. However, the tyranny we see in this country is due to the control and manipulation of the subject (you &me & the rest) and also the mechanism (election) in order to suit this concept called 'democratic country'.

    In fact, I feel that Malaysia is still pretty much a capitalist country where generally but for the few exceptions, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Like Mak said, believe it or not vote buying is rampant and happening. And the only parties who care enough to buy votes are the political parties. No candidates in their right mind will spend their own personal fortune in doing that thus, requires sponsor. Well, after the candidate is eventually elected..go figure it out yourself.

    It's taxing to type from a phone.

  7. It is understandable to state what you don't believe as the system and society around you has failed to inspire hope. I think this is termed as despair. As humans, we always believe in something and we do not fail to live out what we believe. What are your beliefs then ? I think this question is more useful for reflection. Just my two cents worth.

  8. Thanks for the conceivable comments that you have made. Every question posted here are foreseeable. Will answer in my coming article. Btw, this concept, "stateless society" is not a new concept but well developed in others developing country.

    Be warned, democracy is a piece of shit during monarchy system. likewise, perhaps we have adapted to "democracy" thus anarchism does not sound probable here.


  9. Anarchism/libertarianism is democracy at its purest form.in my opinion,this article doesn't really help to show what anarchism really is.It's badly written and doesn't really show what anarchism really is/how to achieve it/and how an anarchists world would look like.

    Anarchism is a legitimate political movement which has a long and rich history (started to become popular in the mid 1800s) has received academic backing (e.g Noam Chomsky).If anarchists never existed we probably wouldn't be celebrating labour day.

    Anyway everyone should read up on anarchism,even if you don't find it possible to achieve as it has legitimately powerful ideas.

    Here's an faq on anarchism http://www.infoshop.org/page/AnAnarchistFAQ

  10. This sounds like a classic case of "judging the message and not the messenger."

    Bottom line is, who creates these disillusions and flaws in all the concepts mentioned by the writer? Is it not human beings themselves?

    I think it would be easier if you stop believing in human beings.

  11. What you are describing is anarchy. If there is no rule and law that is govern by the government, then my best guest is true evil will prevail. In an alternate universe, without a government, I imagine groups of people fighting for resources, fighting for land, fighting for everything. The oppressed will stay oppressed. The rich will stay rich because what they do is just amass land and more land by tyranny and a artillery of weapons to destroy the weak and weakest.

    The good people then will have to equip themselves with weapons to defend themselves. Then civil war will prevail. Lives lost, rats long live and prosper. People need to eat, so they end up stealing from each other. Which then make them get killed after so many times stealing from the masses of people.

    Yeah democracy doesn't ever work. The only thing that ever work perfectly right is capitalism. But capitalism couldn't work without the backing of the government. And we the people elect the people of the government. Of course we vote the people. The government is the concept of people governing the company as chose by the majority of people. So that the what ever the majority decides, it is for the good of the majority. No matter how the minority perceive it as an oppression to them, it is up to the greater good for the majority.

    So yeah. Educate ourselves to be freaking better. To flee, to live another life in another freaking country only to find yourself to be the minority (again) and while you live your life with the illusion of freedom, the only way you can help yourself is you. And the only way our children children's can help themselves is them. You're just along for the ride.

    So yeah. Rock and roll. Everyone's fucked up. But don't forget to pay your tax, yeah ;p

  12. Dear Mak, i am proud of you. I don't believe words are enough to express how i feel about your piece. Please continue writing, i am a fan.

  13. Hello KK Mak,

    You seem to have no faith in the system. While your arguments and justifications are reasonable (though refutable), the question that I wish to pose to you is: What do you believe in? What are your alternatives?

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