PMN 11.1.11

Be part of history. Be part of change. If you are a student, from any university or college, register now for Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Negara and to join Malaysia’s first mega-scaled Students Parliament on  11.1.11.

This nation has a rich and colourful history of student activism.  Such activism has brought about change to marginalised communities in the past but it has since been wiped out from our history books by belligerent academics and university administrators. Recent events have again put Malaysian students in the limelight. Students who have voiced out, who have questioned the status quo, who have taken part in the democratic process of this nation have been victimised and persecuted for putting into practice their fundamental rights.

The Universities  and University Colleges Act 1974, the Educational Institutions Act 1976 and other laws have been used as tools by the Establishment (the Haves)  to silence students (the Have-Nots)  for they fear  the students, they know that students  have the inherent power to change things they don’t like. And so, university autonomy is dead. Academic freedom is dead. Ask Azmi Sharom. Students of this great nation have been robbed of their idealism. However, the greatest crime of it all is that apathy has been allowed to reign.

Apathy amongst students is a result of ignorance and an effective system that seeks to popularise apathy. As a result, we have become victims of our own doing. This reign of apathy must end. We must remind ourselves that we are a part of a larger community, one that we owe a responsibility to.

The struggle for our rights and liberties to enable us to uphold our responsibilities is paramount. But so far, it has been done disparately and ineffectively.

It is now time to ORGANISE.

On the 11th of January 2011, students from every private and public university/college all across the country, shall come together as one to demand that they be recognised as equals in society, to demand the abolishment of unjust laws, to demand that their rights be respected and as a show of solidarity to students everywhere, to make it known that in your fight for truth, freedom, equality and justice, you are not alone.

If you have ever felt as if you were another pawn in the system, if you have ever felt like you needed to do something for the marginalised, if you believe that something is simply wrong with the way things are, if you wish to put forth your issues and causes, or if you just  believe in something –  come and join us on 11.1.11. At this  point in time all across the globe, students everywhere from South America to Europe are reclaiming the streets and finding their voice again, to speak up against injustice and oppression. We must join hands in this noble struggle and be one with all the students of the world.

Let us show those in the corridors of power that we are a force to be reckoned with. Student unity is the first step towards achieving the impossible. It is high time we realised that we are all in this together. We shall be victims no more. Fellow students, the time has come.

Let us take charge, again.

The Worried Student a.k.a. Haji Lou Reed is a student from a local university that is exclusive to non-citizens and bumiputeras, ignoring about half of the nation’s very own people. He wishes to write more for this awesome blawg but is worried that by being an active LoyarBurokker he will be  a target for academic assassination and will never graduate.

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  1. hi Emir Syazwan,

    Ask ourselves, what do we stand for?

    WELL – We stand for INDEPENDENT CANDIDACY against :


    2) People who dare not endorse Term Limits or Asset Declaration


    4) treasonous (train station/oil block gifting politicians, kowtowing to foreign powers or worse, neo-colonialists, religious expansionists

    5) Rakyat parasiting citizens.

    Run for election and don't even bother about all the activism showmanship!

    Stand for election against the enemies of mankind!

  2. We need to carry ourselves in a disciplined and civilised manner. We have to remind ourselves that we are championing fundamental principles and universal standards of morality and behaviour. For example= the rule of law instead of me(a)n.

    We must not resort to violence, no matter whatever provocation is lampooned at us. We are better than that! We are the new generation of malaysian students, who are rational, matured, and spirited. Ask ourselves, what do we stand for?

  3. Hi Gamma Ray :

    Please do not allow yourself to be fooled that ANY demonstration is more fearful that an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE challenging for the MP or Assemblyman's seat.

    Demonstration is NOT polite, nor is it not going to take us anywhere.

    Pls dont be fooled by the DRAMA OF DEMONSTRATION as opposed to the MATURE and DISCIPLINED method for standing for election. In the process, if we have to loose our DEPOSITS (which can be rubberstamped from 15,000 to 15.00), so be it. That will cause the MAXIMUM harm to ANY politician. Running for election. While demonstrating just gives the police a reason to arrest you.

    What idiocy are you propagating @Gamma Ray? Or are you a government insider trying to sabotage people into stupid actions that cause them to be locked up for nothing in terrible considitions when they could be EARNING their election deposits to CHALLENGE a bad politician for a seat?

    You certainly might be condemned for YOUR above statement. Heck i dont care cos you have been waiting for people INSTEAD of RUNNING FOR CANDIDACY! “DIPLOMACY” has its limits, BUT **CORRECT ACTION** (like running for candidacy) is the most important.

    Before you take “UMNO” ammunition in BRIBES, its better that we take VOTE instead of being bribed. ”Kill them WITH VOTES before they kill us WITH BRIBES”.

    Look at the history of the world OF POLITICAL CHANGE, *POLITICAL* violence VIA RUNNING AGAINST bad candidates is part of the change.

    @Gamma is either watching too many Hulk Movies, basing logic on 'False Flag' propaganda news, or is an inside man trying to find immatured citizens to nab or torture in prison when they slip up by demonstrating/marching like kids throwing tantrums, rather than running for election like mature and respectable citizens. It costs 15,000, an amount that could be better earned in the REAL world, instead of being spent in prison or under ISA.

    So stand for election as an independent, or even band together and form a POLITICAL PARTY. Stop behaving like a terrorist or falling for propaganda encouraging self destructive action like demonstrating. So lets see everyone who has the courage to demonstrate have the courage to run for election instead. GE13 awaits those with 15,000 in their pockets!

    Do your part of society and be a 'Candidate', not mindlessly demonstrate! And be as Rempit or Hippie or whatever as you like while campaigning! Better than being thrown in prison fool!

  4. I applaud the initiative that has been set up here. Being a student overseas, I still long for change to happen in the home I call Malaysia. Perhaps this can be the stepping stone to achieving that political maturity and social justice we all yearn for. Giving you guys Support from the UK :)

  5. To all Malaysian citizen.The time has come to take to the streets to demand our rights. We have to walk hand in hand with the "STUDENTS"

    Please do not allow yourselves to be fooled with statement like "Demonstration is not our culture" Rise now before it is too late. Being polite its not going to take us anywhere. Pls dont be fooled by the politicians again. In the process, if we have to loose our lives, so be it.

    I might be condemned for the above statement. Heck i dont care cos i have been waiting for people to realize that "DIPLOMACY" has its limits. Before "UMNO" takes out their guns its better that we take ours."Kill them before they kill us".

    Look at the history of the world, violence is part of the change.

  6. Reading the above posts give me hope that Malaysia still has a real future, provided the good triumph over the evil. If we remain in the hands of the devil UMNO, we are done.

    Rise, rise, rise, the young must show leadership for this nation belongs to you, not to crooks like those in UMNO.

  7. M.A.M,

    I would love to. I'm in malaysia at the moment, but I read law at the university of kent in Canterbury, UK. Please do let me know how I can contribute to the cause. [email protected]

  8. I read this out to my parents, and my emotions took the better of me. I have always been very disappointed with my (mostly bourgeois/upper middle class) friends and how they viewed the local environment, apathetically. They complained about the social (and political) situation in the country, treating it as a lost cause, and always telling me off as being a 'intellectual poser' because I spoke of social change. All they ever want to do is to migrate to Australia.

    But I always knew that everything was going to be alright. I constantly tried to reassure those who did want to migrate to have faith in our generation. I am finally at ease, knowing that there are like minded people out there who actually care. The future is in our hands and we can make a change.

    Our time is now, lets make a lasting impression

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